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nba general managers

Want to be an NBA General Manager? Here are 10 Potential Career Paths

While in college and working at the campus television station my future started to become clear. I had finally figured out my path, I was destined to work in front of the camera at a sports network. Not exactly a bombshell discovery, many have had the same vision, but for me it was groundbreaking since so much of my college life was spent adrift. My older brother was the … [Read More...]

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dead end job sports career

How to Turn Your Dead End Job into a Sports Career

Everyone needs to work. To survive, and hopefully thrive, we work, we earn, we spend and we enjoy. This isn't just the American way, it’s the human condition, and … [Read More...]

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job interview tips becoming memorable

Three Ideas to Make Yourself Memorable in a Job Interview

Being mediocre is the death knell for all job seekers. Mediocre means your are good enough to be considered, but not good enough to be hired. You aren't the dream … [Read More...]

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NBc Sports Digital partners with WorkinSports.com

WorkinSports.com Announces Partnership with NBC Sports Digital

Since 1939 NBC has been synonymous with sports broadcasting and journalism, beginning back then with experimental television station W2XBS airing an intercollegiate baseball game between Columbia and Princeton. In the 75 plus years since NBC Sports has … [Read More...]

leveraging hiring managers pressure

How to Leverage the Pressure on Hiring Managers to Your Advantage

It's hard being a job seeker, but it's not easy being the person on the other side of the interview in charge of picking the right person either. Hiring managers are a bit paranoid, knowing if they hire the wrong person it can affect the entire business. You … [Read More...]

Georgetown Masters Sports Industry Management

The Main Difference in Sports Management Programs (and how to choose the right one)

Critics of Sports Management degree programs will often point out that the sports industry is a practical field, where experience is valued over an ability to craft research papers or translate irrelevant studies conducted by professors who are far removed … [Read More...]

sports marketing jobs in social media

The Most Important Skills for Sports Social Media Jobs

We recently conducted some detailed research indicating social media was the fastest growing of all the various sectors of the sports industry. We broke down the skills necessary to get hired, how to get them, where to find the top jobs...it's a pretty solid … [Read More...]

major league baseball general managers career path

How Ten MLB General Managers Began Their Sports Careers

It's the most common of questions, but the most difficult to answer: "I want to be a MLB General Manager - what should I do?!" Having received this question countless times and always failing to have an adequate answer, I set out to dig deeper into the … [Read More...]