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How Ten MLB General Managers Began Their Sports Careers

It's the most common of questions, but the most difficult to answer: "I want to be a MLB General Manager - what should I do?!" Having received this question countless times and always failing to have an adequate answer, I set out to dig deeper into the background of  the current allotment of baseball General Managers. Where did they go to school? What did they Major in? … [Read More...]

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A Can’t-Miss Opportunity for Women Who Want to Work in Sports Broadcasting

Women who aspire to greatness in sports broadcasting start out with a negative before they have a chance to show their positives. There are 30 frames per second … [Read More...]

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Seven Ways to Gain Sports Industry Experience While Still in College

How is it that job descriptions for entry level sports openings still say “experience required”? Simple, just being in college isn't enough, the expectation, … [Read More...]

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being snubbed is weak don't be a blamer

Being Snubbed: The Media Creation That is Ruining Perspective

The day after any subjective decision-making process, especially in sports, there is the inevitable onslaught of media coverage regarding “who got snubbed.” Headlines after determining the NCAA tournament field trumpeted Colorado State, Temple and Murray … [Read More...]

pistons host thanksgiving dinner

How to Get a Job in Community Relations With a Professional Sports Team

Fans watch professional athletes and instinctively draw a conclusion on what type of person they are. We all assume that because they appear so confident on the court, they must be that way at all times and in all situations but Heather Collart, Director of … [Read More...]

soccer is a welcoming game

Five Athletes Who’ve Grown From the Bottom to the Top

This article is a guest post from sports writer Brooke Chaplan Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. One of the reasons for its popularity is you don’t need a lot of equipment to play the game, it can be played anywhere by anyone, as long as they … [Read More...]

job interview tips for sports careers

Job Interview Tips for Sports Careers: Three Things You Should Expect

You’ve nailed your resume. Mastered the techniques of job searching. Studied and prepared for the most likely interview questions. And now you wait. You wait for the phone to ring and the voice on the other side to be more than just pleasant, you want it … [Read More...]

georgetown university sim program

How to Develop the Skills Sports Industry Employers Want

Due to the entertainment value of sports many outsiders consider those that work in the industry to be nothing more than super fans, surrounding a widescreen TV for 8 hours a day while updating their Twitter feed with “OMG!!! Did u see that?! … [Read More...]