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Where are the Sports Jobs? New Data May Surprise You

Getting out from under your parent’s roof after high school is a liberating experience. College opens you up to a world of experiences, ones that will form you into the type of person you hope to be. For most people in college the main focus is on your school work and laundry, because room and board is paid for. But this baby step to independence is only 4 … [Read More...]

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Feeling Stuck In Your Current Career? Here’s The Push You Need.

It’s dark now when you wake up in the morning and begin the routine. Start coffee, shower, eat, dress. It’s Monday – how are you feeling?  No seriously, answer … [Read More...]

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Five Most Common Jobs for Athletes After Their Playing Career

If there is something we can learn from retired athletes, is the fact their vigor and goal-centric demeanor often help them settle into promising careers after their … [Read More...]

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Against the Ropes: Appreciating the Complex Role of Boxing Trainers

The legendary sports writer Budd Schulberg once said, “As much as I love boxing, I hate it. And as much as I hate it, I love it.” Boxing is a rough and physical sport, that’s for sure, which is why it’s used as a metaphor for life so often. You get knocked … [Read More...]

Your Ultimate Guide To Changing From A Regular Job To a Sports Job

Athletic prowess isn't necessary for a thriving career in the sports industry. In fact, sports offer a wide range of positions for non-athletes, be it in sales, marketing, media, or healthcare. If you'd like to break into the sports industry but have no … [Read More...]

Learning Sports Business is the Angle you Need to Take – Here’s Why

Sports are often boiled down into visuals for the average fan. See ball, follow ball, cheer for person hitting/shooting/throwing ball. But to limit sports to that overly simplistic viewpoint conceals the identity of the true industry movers and shakers. … [Read More...]

How to Keep a Job in Sports

This article is a guest contribution from writer Mallory Roane and is the sole opinion of the author Much has been said about how to get a job working in the sports industry, but there is no blueprint on where to go after you achieve this goal. Given … [Read More...]

Developing Coaches With Leadership in Mind

If you want to pursue a career in sports coaching, you should know a few things about this lucrative and rewarding industry. Being a sports coach is not just a job. Coaching gives you the unique opportunity to lead and influence other people while … [Read More...]