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From Small School to Dream Job: How One Student Fought the Odds

Students that are lucky enough to attend the Missouri School of Journalism are able to gain real world experience working at an actual NBC affiliate, KOMU. Attend Syracuse and you can walk the halls once roamed by Mike Tirico, Dick Stockton and Jeanne Moos. At USC you'll be taught the ropes by recognizable industry names like Alan Abrahamson and Willow Bay. But what if you … [Read More...]

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Want to be a Sports Journalist? Better Learn This Skill

It's the dream of many to become a sports journalist, tasked with writing compelling sports stories for newspapers, magazines and digital media outlets. But the role … [Read More...]

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unemployed are you a boring interview?

Video: Tips to Help you Prepare for a Sports Job Interview

Finding a sports job can be a monotonous process - find a job, apply for a job, wait to hear something...rinse...repeat. Even if it may not seem it, someone is going … [Read More...]

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dealing with death in television

Preparing for Death: The Most Difficult Task in Television

Within moments of Hannah Storm announcing to the SportsCenter watching audience that longtime ESPN host Stuart Scott had passed away at age 49 after a prolonged battle with cancer, a 14 minute and 52 second trip down memory lane aired. The classical music … [Read More...]

new years resolutions

New Years Resolutions Get Easier With This

We are now five days into the New Year and I'm curious, how are things going with your New Years resolutions? I, like so many others, have pledged to increase my fitness routine (and watch more sports) and so far, so good. I'm a little sore, maybe a tad bit … [Read More...]

media relations jobs in sports

Sports Jobs Q&A : Working in Media Relations

While in college I had a three pronged debate going on in my head. I knew I wanted to work in sports, primarily because I believe you are only good at things you are passionate about, but I wasn't clear on what I would actually do in the industry. The way I … [Read More...]

the conversation yourhub for sports industry chatter

Enter “The Conversation” on Work in Sports

Since we launched our blog back in June of 2013, thousands of you have commented on our articles and engaged in thought provoking dialogue about the sports industry with me, your humble scribe. Which got us to thinking...what if we brought relevant sports … [Read More...]

athletes have a political voice

When Athletes Use Their Voice

I started my journalism career working in sports, not only because of a love of the action, but because the idea of covering real tragedies and politics seemed like a heavy burden I didn't want to bring home with me every night. Despite my attempt to avoid … [Read More...]