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How Applicant Tracking Systems Have Improved and Why That Is a Good Thing

Applicant Tracking Systems are the bane of many existences, filtering out viable candidates based on keywords rather than expertise - but they are getting better and that is a very good thing: How applicant tracking systems have improved Video Transcript for "How Applicant Tracking Systems Have Improved and Why That is a Good Thing" Brian Clapp, Director of … [Read More...]

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When Football Night in America Calls – You Pick up the Phone

A Political Science major graduates from college and a year later is working as a Production Assistant for Football Night in America on NBC … [Read More...]

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dream job start small

Why You Should Forget About Your Dream Sports Job (for now)

You probably aren't going to love this career advice - but even if it may seem painful, it will definitely be helpful: WIS dream job Video … [Read More...]

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finding a mentor

How to Find a Mentor (and why it is so important)

The most important step of your sports career may not be where you go to school, or where you get your first job - it could very well be finding a mentor that can help guide and support you throughout your journey. Find out more in the short video about how to … [Read More...]

developing reliable sources adam schefter

Five Tips for Developing Reliable Sources

True success in reporting, whether on TV or print, comes from the information you get from the sources you develop. Sports reporters like Adam Schefter, Jay Glazer, Peter Gammons and David Aldredge have become the most respected voices in their sports … [Read More...]

Sports Internship get the most out of it

Four Ways to get the Most out of Your Sports Internship

The sweat starts at your brow, but as soon as you recognize its existence you feel it grow. A small spot in your lower back, an area you aren’t used to feeling much of anything, now trickles with a slow stream of liquid nervousness. The warm tingle of … [Read More...]

sports internships lebron james

Tips For Landing a Sports Internship

This article is a guest contribution from Mallory Zoe of Life Saver Essays.  If you have the passion for sports and you see yourself in this field as a career option, it is better to get started young and the best way to do that is by landing a coveted … [Read More...]

entry level sports jobs

Five More Entry Level Sports Jobs with Real Growth Potential

Two years ago we published on article focused on five entry level sports jobs that have a high ceiling, to date it’s been one of our most popular articles. Outside of the fact it was really well written (that’s me blushing) it hit on a topic you, our … [Read More...]