Sustainability in Sports Means More Than You Think

There are certain terms in the English language that find themselves suddenly slammed into everyday lexicon, destined to take hold for a moment in time, then eventually peter out and lose impact. Words like narrative, optics and metrics somehow end up on heavy conversational rotation. These once juicy constructs become so overused they are now […]

Everyone is Taking Shots at the LA Rams (and it’s awesome)

It’s been an awful year for the LA Rams football franchise. Their now former coach is about as mediocre as they come, their star in the making running back has been a shell of himself, the shiny new franchise quarterback was inactive and now just ineffective, even their vaunted defense led by Aaron Donald has […]

Sports Jobs Q&A – Transitioning from Military to Sports Career

Recently, we’ve encountered many questions from military members looking to transition out of the forces and into the sports world. I don’t know that sports jobs can mimic the adrenaline of the front lines, but what would, right? This is an important subject. The men and women that support our country through their service, deserve […]

Aspiring Pro Athletes & Academia: Where do Athletes Get Their Smarts?

Pro athletes perform amazing feats of physical valor. They jump, they dive, they salchow, they jib. And on top of training for years to hone their athletic skills, they still have to keep up with the rest of the world. All athletes, especially young ones, have to work double-time to get a proper education. When […]

Working in Sports Journalism as a Woman

Sports journalism has historically been a difficult area for women to enter and to be taken seriously. While there are a handful of established female sports journalists – Jackie MacMullan, Sally Jenkins, Judy Battista and Doris Burke come to mind – there are far more than haven’t broken down the door, and it’s not for […]

Most Popular Sports Jobs of the Week – 1st Edition

In the business world data driven decision making is the daily norm. Most important choices are backed up with spreadsheets filled with data points, forecasting the future based on previously gathered information. The model works, and has not only migrated to the sports world but in some ways taken over. What we’ve learned through our […]

From American Studies to Baseball Immortality: How Theo Epstein Carved His Own Path

How in the world did an American Studies major at Yale become the most immortal figure in baseball? For Theo Epstein, the man who laughs at centuries old curses, his career growth was dependent on two things – goal setting and filling gaps. Let’s go back to the beginning, long before Epstein led the Boston […]

How Technology Changes The Way We Enjoy Sports

This article is a guest contribution from writer Tomás Naranjo-Cluet In the 2016 publication titled FIFA 2.0: The Vision For The Future , Gianni Infantino, the new president of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), claims the organization will “promote the game of football, protect its integrity, and bring the game to all.” Mr. Infantino continues […]

Feeling Stuck In Your Current Career? Here’s The Push You Need.

It’s dark now when you wake up in the morning and begin the routine. Start coffee, shower, eat, dress. It’s Monday – how are you feeling?  No seriously, answer the question – how are you feeling? You work week is about to start, this isn’t the carefree, do as I please, weekend anymore. No pajamas […]

Five Most Common Jobs for Athletes After Their Playing Career

If there is something we can learn from retired athletes, is the fact their vigor and goal-centric demeanor often help them settle into promising careers after their playing days are complete. Depending on their level of accomplishment while indulging in their sports, some retirees have made exponentially more after they left their chosen playing surfaces […]