Video: How To Stand Out From The Crowd For Sports Jobs

Don’t kid yourself, sports jobs are highly competitive. In the past, has been asked to help sports employers like ESPN with some of their recruiting efforts and it’s amazing the amount of responses they get for every opening.

Do you want to be the person getting the competitive sports jobs, or just the person filling out a lot of applications? If you want to be the person who gets hired, you need to answer and act upon this simple question:

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Video Transcript for “How To Stand Out From The Crowd For Sports Jobs”

Brian Clapp, Director of Content If you’ve ever spent any time watching reality competition shows, anything from Top Chef to Ink Masters what you quickly find out is that the finalists, the final four to six people, are all really, really supremely talented at what they do. The difference between the eventual winner and the fourth place person may in fact be razor thin.

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Figure out ways to stand out from the crowd in your job seeking process

So lets think about this concept as it relates to your search for sports jobs. Lets say you were applying for a job at ESPN or Nike or some other really big sports industry behemoth. Think about how many resumes they are going to receive for each opening, think about how many interested people there are out there from a wide range of experience levels – and then think about how you might fit into that equation.

Are you a finalist, a top four person, or the eventual winner?

If you don’t think you are the eventual winner of this sports job, you have the entire skill set, think about what you need to do that is one step more. Ask yourself the question – what skill could I learn that would make me more valuable to this employer?

Maybe it’s something like Photoshop, maybe you can teach yourself Photoshop or take a class on Photoshop. You may have no interest in being a graphic designer, but a skill like Photoshop might be the one thing that sets you apart from the rest of the competition. It might be that subtle extra layer of versatility that helps you in get the sports job you want.

What I want you to do is really dissect your section of the sports industry, and figure out where you can find a little difference point – what can you do to be just a little bit better? That is the question you need to be asking yourself as you compete for sports jobs.

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