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Prepare To Be Judged: Business Lessons from Olympic Figure Skating

Figure skating is the oldest sport in the Olympic Winter Games. Since 1924, the sport has been the centerpiece of the games, often times being the sport most often talked about, either for the champions who emerged, or, at other times, for controversy derived from the way in which athletes were "scored." Many competitors and coaches (as well as fans and viewers) of … [Read More...]

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Creating a Winning Environment at Live Sports Events – Work in Sports Podcast e061

Don Costante, Kansas City Royals Senior Director of Game Presentation explains his role in creating a great game day experience for fans and shares his insight on … [Read More...]

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#JobMadness is Taking over the Sports Industry

I can already hear the music fading up in the background... "The ball is tipped and there you are you’re running for your life you’re a shooting star And all … [Read More...]

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Mental Health in the Sports Workplace – e60 Work in Sports Podcast

With the recent revelations of Demar DeRozan and Kevin Love dealing with mental health issues in the NBA, we tackle the issue of mental health in the sports workplace. How to protect yourself and recognize the signs and symptoms of a problem. Hi everybody, … [Read More...]

The Problem with Internships and Dealing with Conflicting Offers – Work in Sports Podcast e59

The massive problem with the way organizations run their internship programs and how you should handle conflicting job offers Hi everybody I’m Brian Clapp Director of Content for WorkinSports.com and this is the WorkinSports podcast… It’s March, and for … [Read More...]

Harnessing the Power of Social Media in Sports – Work in Sports Podcast e058

Samantha Wood, Digital Platforms Manager for the Philadelphia Eagles joins the show to discuss careers in sports social media and why the Eagles are a great organization to work for Hi everybody I’m Brian Clapp Director of Content for WorkinSports.com and … [Read More...]

Five Sports Jobs that are Great for Millennials – Work in Sports Podcast e057

Millennials are an important part of the sports workplace. Here are five sports jobs they are particularly well suited for, and a bit of a bonus rant on the communication breakdown between hiring managers and Millennials. Hi everybody I’m Brian Clapp Director … [Read More...]

Stop Messing Up Your Sports Internships and Entry Level Jobs! – Work in Sports Podcast e056

Sports internships and entry level jobs are huge opportunities, but I'm sorry, too many of you are messing up. If you are making the mistakes we outline in this episode, you need to stop, NOW! Hi everybody – I’m Brian Clapp Director of Content for … [Read More...]