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Greg Amiel: Ottawa Sports And Entertainment Group – Work In Sports Podcast

We're headed north of the border for today's podcast episode with Greg Amiel Community Engagement Coordinator for Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group. Hi everybody, I’m Brian Clapp Director of Content for WorkinSports.com and this is the Work in Sports podcast…I was speaking yesterday to a friend of mine from the University of Florida, sorry all you Florida State fans...cough … [Read More...]

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Your Most Difficult Job Interview Questions and Why They Were Asked – Work In Sports podcast

You can figure out how to answer interview questions when you consider why they were asked in the first place. Let's run through some examples on this episode of the … [Read More...]

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Andrew Sidney: Houston Rockets Director of Group and Inside Sales – Work in Sports Podcast

 Sometimes finding your fit in the sports industry requires you to figure out what you don't like before you figure out what you do like. Andrew Sidney of the … [Read More...]

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Tips for Your Sports Industry Resume – Work in Sports Podcast

How do you craft a resume to stand out in the sports industry? That's easy, listen to this podcast episode.Hey, everybody, I’m Brian Clapp Director of Content for WorkInSports.com and this is the Work in Sports podcast.Coming up later this week on the Pod, … [Read More...]

Emily Jaenson: Reno Aces General Manager – Work in Sports Podcast

Listen in to the podcast interview with Emily Jaenson, Reno Aces General Manager to learn more about MiLB, leadership, gender equality and much more!Hey, it’s Brian, coming up today on the show Emily Jaenson General Manager of the Reno Aces Triple-A affiliate … [Read More...]

Let’s Talk About Leadership in the Workplace – Work in Sports Podcast

Most people who think they are leaders in the workplace are doing it all wrong. In today's podcast, we're going to break down four important traits of real leaders! (Psst, anyone can be a leader, not just senior executives)Hey, it’s Brian before we get into … [Read More...]

Kenneth Shropshire: A Deeper Understanding of the Sports Industry – Work in Sports Podcast

Kenneth Shropshire, CEO of the Global Sports Institute at Arizona State University joins the Work in Sports podcast to discuss the future of our industryHey it’s Brian before we start today's podcast episode with Kenneth Shropshire CEO of the Global Sport … [Read More...]

Andrew Howard, NFL Communication Manager – Work In Sports Podcast

Listen in as Andrew Howard, NFL Communication Manager, joins host Brian Clapp on the Work in Sports podcast to discuss his career and role with the NFL!Hey it’s Brian, today’s Work in Sports podcast episode with Andrew Howard NFL Communication Manager is … [Read More...]