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How Data Analytics Helps Coaches in Planning

Before data entered sports, all coaches had in terms of statistical reporting was who played, who scored and who didn’t. This, by and large, was the basis on which players on any particular sport were evaluated. Decisions about who to play, draft, coach or develop were being made with a “gut” feeling or adhering to past decisions. But then, came Billy Beane, former MLB … [Read More...]

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4 Ways Technology is Changing Athletic Training

In the past, athletic trainers were known for taping ankles and icing injuries, but new technology advancements are helping give these industry professionals the … [Read More...]

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Job Interview Tips for Sports Careers: Three Things You Should Expect

You’ve nailed your resume. Mastered the techniques of job searching. Studied and prepared for the most likely interview questions. And now you wait. You wait … [Read More...]

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Sports Marketing Jobs: Do You Have What it Takes?

Of the nearly 6,000 jobs we have active on WorkinSports.com about 25% fall under the umbrella of sports marketing. We get hundreds of questions per month (and I’m proud to say we respond to each and every one personally) and when the questions are about … [Read More...]

The Most Successful People in Sports Do This Very Well

No matter how long you have worked, you still have moments that open your eyes. Some call them “Ah-Ha” moments, as if there were harps playing in the background and an emerging light bulb above their head. I prefer to think of them as, “how have I been … [Read More...]

Here’s Why More Stadiums are Adding Digital TV Screens

If you’re a long-time sports fan, one of the biggest changes that you have probably noticed over the past decade or so is the explosive growth of digital signs and TV screens in your local sports stadium. These days it’s hard to turn a corner without … [Read More...]

The Trick(s) to Networking on Social Media

This isn't your ordinary night spent in front of the TV, clutching a small glass with ice cubes clinking inside. You have somewhere to be, and people are expecting you to show up representing the best version of yourself. Tonight is different than most … [Read More...]

Sports Jobs in Focus: Becoming a Sports Social Media Coordinator

Social media has altered the relationship between teams and their fans - and smart brands are making it a part of their overall marketing strategy Ask most seasoned business professionals about jobs in social media and they will reflexively respond, 'social … [Read More...]