8 Important Tailgate Rules to Remember with Football Season Approaching

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tailgating for football games

Tailgating can be an great part of your game day experience…if you plan well.

Football season is almost upon us, and for many die-hard fans, tailgating is a major part of the full football experience.

However, while tailgating should be a fun experience, there are incidents that can deter from that.

Here are eight important tailgating rules that you should keep in mind as you plan your tailgate parties.

Keep Cash on Hand for Parking

Many stadiums don’t accept credit cards. If you don’t have cash on you and the stadium does not accept credit cards, you will have to get out of line and search for an ATM.

That is not good planning. Driving around a traffic-laden area looking for an ATM so you can park… not fun. Bring cash.

Make Sure Your Grill is Safe

If you plan on grilling up some burgers as part of your festivities, nothing is worse than packing up to head out and tailgate, only to find out your grill doesn’t work or isn’t safe to use.

Check the amount of propane you have and the condition of the grill before you head out to tailgate. A good time is all in the details.

Keep Your Fun Football Accessories Away From the Grill

General rule: you don’t want to catch fire while tailgating. Imagine, you’re having fun with friends, get a little over excited with the lighter fluid, and next thing you know the Philadelphia Eagles blanket you’ve carried for good luck since you were 5 years old goes up in flames. And then the jersey…the car interior and all of your foam fingers.

Be safe with the flame.

Bring Something to Do While Waiting for the Food to Cook

Your host has the grill warmed up, the ice chest accessible and all of the fixings ready and you find yourself with free time.

Sure you could be glued to your phone, but this is the time you want to disconnect and do something fun. Bring along a football, frisbee or something you can do with a Beer in one hand while the food is cooking.

Just don’t spill the beer, that’s just being wasteful.

Make Sure You Have Enough Food On Hand

Preparing for tailgating can be either fun or daunting.

Nothing is worse than heading out to the stadium and realizing you miscalculated how much food was needed. Make a list of what you will need and double check everything. It is better to overestimate the amount of food than underestimate as you cannot simply go to the store to get more food once you are in the parking lot.

Be prepared!

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Know What the Stadium Allows

Everywhere has rules. I know, I know, you’re a rebel willing to push the limits – which sounds really cool until you get removed from the premises, lose your tickets and get your car towed.

You don’t want to get kicked out for bringing in outside food, having glass bottles or smoking if it isn’t allowed.

Take a few minutes to check out the stadium rules before you head out and take heed of them.

Don’t Forget Your Tickets

While tailgating is fun, it isn’t the main event; the football game is.

Unfortunately, many people get caught up in the excitement of the day that they leave their tickets at home. Before you head out, make sure you have your tickets in-hand.

Maybe keep them in glove compartment while you party so you don’t misplace them, or have them in an inside pocket of your jacket, wherever you think they will be safe and you won’t forget them is a good spot.

Limit Alcohol

Make sure you limit your alcohol intake. Yep, we’re party poopers.

The last thing you want is to get sick and miss the game, or worse, get kicked out for being rude and obnoxious. If you do end up drinking too much, DWI Lawyers from Harron Law suggest to make sure you have a sober friend to drive you home, or call for a cab company.

Getting a DUI following the game is an expensive and costly mistake. Remember, the police know people drink at games, so they tend to hang out around the stadium looking for drunk drivers. Don’t be that person putting others at risk.

Tailgating can be a fun way to start or end a football game. But, if rules are not followed, it can be anything but. Always take the time to plan out your day. Keep cash on hand, limit alcohol, learn what the stadium allows, bring enough food, check your barbecue, stay safe and don’t forget your tickets.

This all helps ensure you have fun and stay safe the day of the big game.

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