Turn Your Love of Sports into Your Side Hustle

For those who work in the sports industry, their jobs started with a love of sports. Being a professional fan is a large part of working in a field that revolves around players, statistics, and teams on a daily basis. Even if you aren’t working within the sports industry full-time, you can turn your love […]

How Technology Has Changed Coaching

Technology has made major changes in virtually every part of our lives. In the world of sports, technology has affected just about every aspect of viewing, playing, coaching, refereeing, and working within sports. For coaches, their jobs have been greatly impacted from virtually every angle as a result. Fortunately, the impact has been positive, creating a […]

The Truth about Athlete Injury Prevention and Treatment

Football players, hockey players, soccer players, runners, swimmers, and all other types of athletes utilize every part of their body for their sport. The contact sports are associated with a lot more injuries, but in every sport there is a risk. Whether it’s throwing your body into another player or pushing your body to its […]

How to Report on Athletes with Addiction Issues

This article is a guest submission from freelance writer Chelsey Ranard Drug addiction is an issue that plagues millions of communities worldwide, and the professional sports community is no different. Many professional athletes have had issues with substance abuse and addiction, including former NHL player Theo Fleury, NBA player Lamar Odom, MLB player Josh Hamilton, […]

The Role of the Media in NASCAR and Formula 1

The racing world has been around for decades wowing spectators, drawing a crowd, and creating a racing culture that is unmatched by any other sport. Racing fans are another breed and the NASCAR and Formula 1 enthusiasts take their sport very seriously. Not that other sports fans don’t, but these fans of motorsports are in […]