Expanding Roles for Women in Sports

Similar to roles in other male-dominated fields, women have had difficulty obtaining jobs in sports. The sports industry has been slow to accept women in a variety of positions and even slower to offer them respect. However, women are increasingly accepted as important contributors to the sports industry and the opportunities available to them continue […]

Three Inspiring Sports Campaigns for the Marketing Professional

Sports fans, amateur athletes, and pros all have one thing in common — they love the game. Each person may love it for a different reason, but the affinity is there nonetheless. For brands that make their name in sports apparel or athletic fuel, the challenge is to create a message that speaks to all […]

The Sports Professional as Youth Mentor

Athletes and sports professionals sometimes struggle with maintaining positive reputations. High-profile incidents across different leagues and major sporting events can cause a lot of damage to the reputation of athletes in general. People can become disillusioned with the role of athletes in society at large. Such perceptions are a real shame, because athletes have real […]

Three Top Teams to Work for in Sports

When you’re trying to break into work in the sports world, it might seem like any team will do. In reality, working for a club that doesn’t share your values can leave you disheartened and burned out, making it hard to gain the experience needed to advance the career of your dreams. Luckily, there are […]

What’s Next in Wearable Sports Technology

Like all trends, wearable sports technology is constantly undergoing changes and improvements to keep consumers interested. Fitbits, Apple Watches, and other wearables are well marketed to consumers, and companies have built their brands to become a necessities for many people in their day to day lives. Wearable gadgets are here to stay. Wrist gadgets, maybe […]

Here’s Why More Stadiums are Adding Digital TV Screens

If you’re a long-time sports fan, one of the biggest changes that you have probably noticed over the past decade or so is the explosive growth of digital signs and TV screens in your local sports stadium. These days it’s hard to turn a corner without encountering a lit-up display advertising your team’s sponsors, a […]

5 Ways Running Can Help You Get a Promotion

Time to lace up those sneakers that have been sitting in the closet and go get the new job or promotion you’ve been gunning for. It could happen! Running has lots of benefits, including improving mood, reducing stress, and boosting self-confidence. Running just might help your work life, too. Here are five reasons running could […]

Golf, Technology, and Your Next Job

Ever since the 15th Century when the first Scottish guy hit the first ball with the first club, the game of golf has benefited from technological innovation. Early golf balls were rudimentary at best, either carved from wood or made by stuffing a leather pouch with feathers and cow hair. By the 1800s, if you […]

Long Drives: What Golf Can Teach You About Your Career

Do you wish that you felt as passionate about your job as you did about the game of golf? While you may already daydream about golfing while you are supposed to be putting together that report for your boss, you may be onto something. Many of the principles that you apply to improving your golf […]

Will A Liberal Arts Degree Help My Sports Career?

Say you just graduated with a degree from a Liberal Arts college. You’re thinking about your next steps: Career. You’re talking to a friend and it suddenly occurs to you, “Dude, I want a job in sports.” How likely is your friend to raise his eyebrows, look you over with an appraising eye, and wish […]