Aspiring Pro Athletes & Academia: Where do Athletes Get Their Smarts?

Pro athletes perform amazing feats of physical valor. They jump, they dive, they salchow, they jib. And on top of training for years to hone their athletic skills, they still have to keep up with the rest of the world. All athletes, especially young ones, have to work double-time to get a proper education. When […]

How English Majors Can Get a Job in Sports

I was an English major in college. Wouldn’t change it for the world. And, for those of you who are still in school, I’m here to remind you of the inevitable truth: after graduation, you will have to get out there and dig up a job. Unlike business and teaching degrees, an English degree does […]

On Football, Emojis, and Drunk Driving

Have you noticed those little sports emojis all over Twitter? The rest of the sports world has. And they’re going crazy for it. Just prior to Super Bowl 50, professional sports teams and large sporting events started developing special little emojis that pop up after someone uses their hashtag. They’re icons like footballs, team mascots, […]

Unexpected Career Opportunities in … “FORE!”

When you hear the words “now that’s a rowdy sport,” what comes to mind? Rugby maybe? Hockey? How about golf? Golf has a bit of a reputation. Sure it’s not necessarily the kind of ‘reputation’ carried by many other professional sports – aka testosterone rages, drugs, and cash – but the reputation is there all […]

Sports and Public Drinking: What Not to Do When Trying to Land a Sports Internship

You’re a senior in college. People have been telling you it’s time to start looking for an internship so that you have some experience under your belt before graduation. You heard them, between six-packs and foosball games, and you’re taking action. Good work. Things are about to change. Your choice of field was an easy […]