Matt Resnick, Sports Talent Acquisition Executive – Work In Sports Podcast

Hey everybody, I’m Brian Clapp VP of Content and Engaged Learning at and this is the Work in Sports podcast… There is a theme already clearly presenting itself in 2021 – get back to work.  I didn’t have to spend a lot of time workshopping that theme, there wasn’t a lot of debate or […]

The Life of an Instant Replay Operator – How Did This Happen?

Believe it or not, I got started in this business for several reasons.  I played baseball for fourteen years and was involved in sports from an early age. Baseball was my first love, but I also played football, basketball, and tennis.  I was into all sports. Personality wise, I was a goofball.  That lead me […]

Becoming a Sports Equipment Manager

One of the thrills of working in sports is not just being close to the action, but being close to the athletes as well. Daniel Deming, Assistant Sports Equipment Manager for D.C. United, spends his days working closely with the athletes we watch perform on the field, and has learned that they share common ground. […]

The Worst Interview Technique Ever – And Why It Could Happen To You

Editor’s Note: While helping a job seeker with some advice I was dumbfounded to discover an interview technique they had just endured that I personally find disheartening and if it starts a trend, discouraging. I asked them to write us up a blow-by-blow account of the experience, which they agreed to, under one condition, that […]

How to Become a Sports Broadcaster

This interview is part one of our three part interview series with John Strong, voice of the MLS on Fox Sports. To hear Strong in action, listen to his call for Darlington Nagbe’s 2011 MLS goal of the year at the bottom of this page. The majority of people trying to complete their dream by […]

Local Sports Coverage Falls Down Again

The execution of television is not as difficult as it may seem. There are cameras pointing a very specific direction, and there is a safe zone behind them – i.e. where the camera’s aren’t pointing. If you have a need to get from one side of the studio to the other, the safe and smart […]

The Role of Sports in the American Education System

America is weird. I think we can all get behind that statement. No matter your political affiliation, your religion, your view of democracy, or your basic belief in the American dream, I think we can all get behind the statement that America is a little different. It’s not better. It’s not worse but it is […]

Becoming a Social Media Intern with the New York Mets

Jobs in sports social media have increased by 52% year over year and now comprise an astronomical 8.5% of our entire sports job database, but most colleges and universities have been slow to develop social media curriculum. According to, at the conclusion of the 2012 college year, 36% of the top 25 business schools […]

A Day in the Life of a Sports Producer

CNN/Sports Illustrated was a 24-hour Sports News Network that was on the air from 1996-2002 and helped launch many great sports TV careers, names like Willie Geist, Chris Rose, Bob Lorenz and countless others behind the scenes. As a network, we only fell a few million viewers short of really making it big. My job […]

How to Develop an Up-and-Coming Pro Athletes Fan Base From Scratch

This article is a guest contribution from sports public relations professional Marissa Eisenbrei Being an athlete means more than just winning games, it also means becoming a role model and developing a fan base. Some may say this is easy for successful, well-known athletes, but for up-and-coming athletes, increasing engagement can be challenging. As a public […]