How to Become a Sports Broadcaster

This interview is part one of our three part interview series with John Strong, voice of the MLS on Fox Sports. To hear Strong in action, listen to his call for Darlington Nagbe’s 2011 MLS goal of the year at the bottom of this page. The majority of people trying to complete their dream by […]

How to Develop an Up-and-Coming Pro Athletes Fan Base From Scratch

This article is a guest contribution from sports public relations professional Marissa Eisenbrei Being an athlete means more than just winning games, it also means becoming a role model and developing a fan base. Some may say this is easy for successful, well-known athletes, but for up-and-coming athletes, increasing engagement can be challenging. As a public […]

Becoming a Sports Broadcaster: Advice from a Professional

Part two of our three part series with John Strong, lead voice of the MLS on NBC. In part one, we discussed the early groundwork necessary to become a sports broadcaster, in part two we delve into actual on the job advice. “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” – Vince Lombardi […]

Becoming a Sports Reporter: Laura Okmin’s Path to the NFL on Fox

News Directors from TV stations all across the country have one thing in common, they are all inundated with demo reels from anchors and reporters hoping to make a lasting impression and catch a break. “After graduating, I sent tape after tape after tape after tape. And then I sent another tape,” remembers Laura Okmin, […]

Backstory: Bob Carpenter, Washington Nationals Play-by-Play Announcer

Amid the raucous nature of live sports a voice is always there to guide the vision before us, to explain confusion, convey excitement or crystallize history in the making. The words of a play-by-play announcer are often immortalized alongside the events themselves, like a beautiful bow on a present delivered right to your couch. For […]

Backstory: Red Sox Sideline Reporter Jenny Dell

It seems impossible to hit the lottery without buying a ticket, but for Red Sox reporter Jenny Dell anything is possible. “It was about four months into my time at ESPN [as a Production Assistant] that I was approached in the ESPN cafeteria about working on-air,” says Dell of her chance encounter over a meal. […]