The Role of Sports in the American Education System

America is weird. I think we can all get behind that statement. No matter your political affiliation, your religion, your view of democracy, or your basic belief in the American dream, I think we can all get behind the statement that America is a little different. It’s not better. It’s not worse but it is […]

The Importance of Developing a Sports Career Plan

This article is a guest post from Paul Fruitman, Director of Ticket Sales for the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos Hiring new staff tends to be a fairly cyclical event in ticket sales and this year is no different. Right around November our organization begins gearing up for the 2014 football season – which for me entails […]

Five Tips you Need to Follow if you Want a Play-by-Play Job

Breaking into play-by-play announcing seems to be the most daunting of all career choices. It’s easy to become focused on the big sports and the big names and think, ‘I can’t beat that’. Well, that’s true, right now you can’t (just being honest). Guys like Vin Scully, Kevin Harlan, Jim Nantz and Mike Tirico have […]

How to Turn Your Dead End Job into a Sports Career

Everyone needs to work. To survive, and hopefully thrive, we work, we earn, we spend and we enjoy. This isn’t just the American way, it’s the human condition, and there is nothing wrong with it. Unless you are working somewhere you can’t stand to be. Most people dream of a special career that they love, […]

How Ten MLB General Managers Began Their Sports Careers

It’s the most common of questions, but the most difficult to answer: “I want to be a MLB General Manager – what should I do?!” Having received this question countless times and always failing to have an adequate answer, I set out to dig deeper into the background of the current allotment of baseball General Managers. […]

An Unofficial Masters Course for Working in Sports

Sports equal temptation. Watching the games we love makes the world seem simple; men and women compete, we watch and enjoy, they make money. It’s only logical that ‘We, The People’ would want in on the financial benefits of sports. Many are lured in to a pursuit of a sports career with a false preconception of […]

Vicki Michaelis: Shaping the Future of Sports Journalism

The media plays a key role in shaping perception, and while women are a rapidly growing fan base in sports, we still see a limited amount of women in power positions in the industry. “At this point, women still face higher hurdles,” says veteran sports journalist Vicki Michaelis. “On television, they are predominantly relegated to […]