Sports Marketing on a Global Stage – Work in Sports Podcast e053

Marissa Brooks spent 10 years in sales and marketing with the Miami Heat – then she went international. Her story and advice is the focus of this episode of the Work in Sports podcast Hi everybody, I’m Brian Clapp Director of Content for and this is the Work in Sports podcast. In the early […]

Three Inspiring Sports Campaigns for the Marketing Professional

Sports fans, amateur athletes, and pros all have one thing in common — they love the game. Each person may love it for a different reason, but the affinity is there nonetheless. For brands that make their name in sports apparel or athletic fuel, the challenge is to create a message that speaks to all […]

The Life of an Instant Replay Operator – How Did This Happen?

Believe it or not, I got started in this business for several reasons.  I played baseball for fourteen years and was involved in sports from an early age. Baseball was my first love, but I also played football, basketball, and tennis.  I was into all sports. Personality wise, I was a goofball.  That lead me […]

The Sports Professional as Youth Mentor

Athletes and sports professionals sometimes struggle with maintaining positive reputations. High-profile incidents across different leagues and major sporting events can cause a lot of damage to the reputation of athletes in general. People can become disillusioned with the role of athletes in society at large. Such perceptions are a real shame, because athletes have real […]

Feeling Stuck In Your Current Career? Here’s The Push You Need.

It’s dark now when you wake up in the morning and begin the routine. Start coffee, shower, eat, dress. It’s Monday – how are you feeling?  No seriously, answer the question – how are you feeling? You work week is about to start, this isn’t the carefree, do as I please, weekend anymore. No pajamas […]

5 Awesome Golf Tournaments You Can Volunteer At Around The World

Are you an avid golf fan? Are you considering a career in golf behind the ropes and want to experience what goes into running a golf tournament? Volunteering at a professional golf tournament will help you with both of these. Every professional golf tour recruits volunteers to help tournaments year round. Tournament organizers recruit volunteers in […]

So You Want to be an Athletic Director? Work in Sports Podcast e033

Shaun Richard, Ohio State University Associate Athletic Director Shares His Advice on Becoming a College Athletic Director Hi I’m Brian Clapp Director of Content for and this is the Work in Sports podcast. Did you miss me? I took a little time off over the holidays so this is our first podcast since December […]

What it Takes to Work in College Sports – Work in Sports Podcast e031

Shaun Richard, Ohio State University Associate Athletic Director Joins the Podcast to Discuss What it Takes to Work in College Sports This is part 1 of my interview with Shaun Richard from Ohio State, we focus in on what the job of being an athletic director consists of and the challenges of working in collegiate […]

The Ins and Outs of Being a Sports Reporter – Work in Sports Podcast e026

Veteran Sports Reporter Bryan Salmond Joins the Show to Discuss His Viewpoint on Becoming a Sports Reporter Hi everybody, I’m Brian Clapp, Director of Content for and this is the WorkinSports podcast… So far we’ve had 15 sports industry expert interviews and when I first started laying out this concept, I figured I’d hit […]

How Do You Learn Sports Specific Skills? Work in Sports Podcast e023

Do You Want to Become a Professional Scout? An Agent? A Coach? A General Manager? How Do You Learn Those Sports Specific Skills? Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, President and Founder of Sports Management Worldwide joins us on the podcast to explain his unique approach to teaching thousands of students around the globe specific sports industry skills. […]