How The World Cup Can Help Guide Your Sports Career

Born: Nacogdoches, Texas College Team: Furman University Palladins – Greenville, South Carolina Professional Debut: New England Revolution (MLS) at 21 years old Name: Clint Dempsey   Born: Croxteth, Liverpool, England First Club Team: Everton Youth Team at age 9 Professional Debut: Everton Senior Team (English Premier League) at age 16 Name: Wayne Rooney Go down […]

Advance Your Sports Career with an Online Education

There is an elitist stigma associated with an online education- the feeling of many is that they aren’t as challenging or thorough as a traditional face-to-face experience. Fact or Fiction? As Sara Mathov, Director of the Exercise and Sports Science Masters program at the University of Western States points out, the truth is a developing […]

Diary of a Super Bowl Volunteer: Lessons Learned

This guest article is part 2 of our volunteering at sports events series written by Alison Myers, part one can be found here and following Alison on Twitter will make you cool. I left Pennsylvania for New York on a Thursday afternoon, but our bus did not pull into Port Authority until a little before […]

Going From Sports Internship to Sports Job

Connecting the dots. It’s logical that completing a sports internship would lead to getting a job with the same company after graduation, right? You’ve shown your skills, work ethic, versatility, adaptability and let’s be honest, a willingness to do some boring tasks. “Of our new hires, I’d say about 90% were former interns,” says former […]

Does Volunteering at Sporting Events Help My Career?

This article is a guest post from Alison Myers – follow her on Twitter, no seriously, do it, especially if you are a Hockey fan. If you were in New York City or New Jersey during any part of Super Bowl week, you probably saw numerous people in bright yellow jackets with name badges around […]

Getting Noticed in an Applicant Tracking System World

The interview process over the years has become less and less personal. Entry level job seekers submit resumes destined to be skimmed and analyzed by a computer, whose only goal is to classify how you stack up to the others in the pile. If you are lucky, and get past Phase One, maybe you’ll get […]

Launching a Career in Sports: Advice from the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

This article is a guest post from Rich Campbell, Sports Marketing Professor at Sonoma State University who recently attended the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. At the recent MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, the first panel on Saturday morning was entitled “Getting in the Game: Launching a Career in Sports”.  Since this site caters to just […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Sports Internships

If you are going to get hired in the sports industry the first step is interning…and so is the second step and the third. Think of it this way, if you were in charge of hiring someone for an entry level position with a NFL team, would you rather hire the person that: A: Had […]

How to Join the Fastest Growing Segment of the Sports Industry

It’s fair to say, nine years after the fact, that USA Track and Field was a trend-setter. Way back in 2004 USATF was the very first business or organization to post a job related to social media on Work in Sports. OK, technically it was a ‘Website and Social Media Intern’, but these forward thinkers […]