I Want to Work in Sports! …Now What?

“I want to work in sports because I love sports!” If you are serious about working in sports, you need to remove this phrase from your vocabulary. I was once in your shoes, and while I was advised early on never to say this, I still had the mentality that surrounds this logic. But let […]

Sports Analytics Have Changed the Game For Good

Baseball has always been a sport guided by instincts and crotchety old men observing and opining from the bleachers…until it wasn’t. Hockey, a free-flowing sport with seemingly endless movement, has always been known for brilliant bursts of speed and talent, until another, more meaningful data point emerged convincing teams to reroute their game philosophy. The list goes […]

Seven Tips to Prepare for the January Sports Job Push

Right after ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ has concluded, we head directly into my favorite season of the year – job search season. Many job seekers take the months of November and December off, enjoying their eggnog induced malaise and basking in the spirit of holiday shopping. For others, the New Year provides […]

7 Secrets of Applicant Tracking Systems Every Candidate Should ‘Decode’

Nowadays, one key feature that most job applicants overlook while applying for a particular job is the presence of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This particular software acts as the gatekeeper to an organization’s recruiting process and is mainly utilized for selection of a resume, based on specific previously determined criteria. Knowledge of how an […]

Learning Sports Business is the Angle you Need to Take – Here’s Why

Sports are often boiled down into visuals for the average fan. See ball, follow ball, cheer for person hitting/shooting/throwing ball. But to limit sports to that overly simplistic viewpoint conceals the identity of the true industry movers and shakers. Sports are a $600-billion-dollar international industry with thousands of employees directly connected to each home run, […]

Video Interviews: The New Frontier Of Job Interviewing

The next time you apply for a sports industry job, don’t be surprised if it involves a video interview. Consider that most of the 500 human resources managers who were asked in a survey how often they used video interviews decided to check the box beside “very often.” The other popular responses were, in order, […]

How Soft Skills Help You In The Sports Field

In today’s competitive sports landscape you need more than charisma and a straight arrow ethical compass to get hired – you need tangible skills. The most often question delivered from hiring managers to interview subjects is, “What can you do to make us better?” The answer is not, ‘I’m a laugh riot in the break […]

Job Hunting in the Digital Age

In 1996, just 20 years ago, I graduated college. I’d like to convince myself it wasn’t that long ago, but in order to keep it real my fellow students and I didn’t have cell phones, laptops were a promise of the future and I applied to jobs by mailing letters. You read that right, I […]

A Resume Tip to Help Fix a Very Common Mistake

There is an error that about 90% of people make on their resume, and trust me it annoys hiring managers. To find out what it is and how to make the proper adjustments to your resume, listen to this short video from our Director of Content, Brian Clapp (and then share it on social media…please) […]

Working Your Way Up to Become a Successful Sports Photographer

Does taking photos while watching your favorite athletes battle it out in the field (or court) sound like your idea of a good time? Then sports photography may be a good career for you. In the eyes of sports fans who are not able to watch all their favorite games live, photos taken during the […]