I Want To Work in Sports Part 2: Creating a Networking Strategy

Justin Hunt is the author of From Mascot To Agent And Everything In Between and has agreed to write a three part series on breaking into the sports industry for the Work in Sports blog. This is Part 2, if you missed Part 1 start here: I Want to Work in Sports…now what? A networking strategy […]

I Want to Work in Sports! …Now What?

“I want to work in sports because I love sports!” If you are serious about working in sports, you need to remove this phrase from your vocabulary. I was once in your shoes, and while I was advised early on never to say this, I still had the mentality that surrounds this logic. But let […]

Sports Analytics Have Changed the Game For Good

Baseball has always been a sport guided by instincts and crotchety old men observing and opining from the bleachers…until it wasn’t. Hockey, a free-flowing sport with seemingly endless movement, has always been known for brilliant bursts of speed and talent, until another, more meaningful data point emerged convincing teams to reroute their game philosophy. The list goes […]

Seven Tips to Prepare for the January Sports Job Push

Right after ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ has concluded, we head directly into my favorite season of the year – job search season. Many job seekers take the months of November and December off, enjoying their eggnog induced malaise and basking in the spirit of holiday shopping. For others, the New Year provides […]

7 Secrets of Applicant Tracking Systems Every Candidate Should ‘Decode’

Nowadays, one key feature that most job applicants overlook while applying for a particular job is the presence of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This particular software acts as the gatekeeper to an organization’s recruiting process and is mainly utilized for selection of a resume, based on specific previously determined criteria. Knowledge of how an […]

Working in Sports Journalism as a Woman

Sports journalism has historically been a difficult area for women to enter and to be taken seriously. While there are a handful of established female sports journalists – Jackie MacMullan, Sally Jenkins, Judy Battista and Doris Burke come to mind – there are far more than haven’t broken down the door, and it’s not for […]

Awesome Jobs You Can Score With a Sports Analytics Degree

Every child grows up dreaming about playing for his or her favorite sports team. Scoring the winning basket or clinching a championship in overtime is the ultimate fantasy. Eventually, poor genetics set in and reality takes the place of any imagined career involving a professional run as an athlete. The idea of glory never leaves […]

How Technology Changes The Way We Enjoy Sports

This article is a guest contribution from writer Tomás Naranjo-Cluet In the 2016 publication titled FIFA 2.0: The Vision For The Future , Gianni Infantino, the new president of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), claims the organization will “promote the game of football, protect its integrity, and bring the game to all.” Mr. Infantino continues […]

How English Majors Can Get a Job in Sports

I was an English major in college. Wouldn’t change it for the world. And, for those of you who are still in school, I’m here to remind you of the inevitable truth: after graduation, you will have to get out there and dig up a job. Unlike business and teaching degrees, an English degree does […]

Learning Sports Business is the Angle you Need to Take – Here’s Why

Sports are often boiled down into visuals for the average fan. See ball, follow ball, cheer for person hitting/shooting/throwing ball. But to limit sports to that overly simplistic viewpoint conceals the identity of the true industry movers and shakers. Sports are a $600-billion-dollar international industry with thousands of employees directly connected to each home run, […]