Becoming a Sports Reporter: Laura Okmin’s Path to the NFL on Fox

News Directors from TV stations all across the country have one thing in common, they are all inundated with demo reels from anchors and reporters hoping to make a lasting impression and catch a break. “After graduating, I sent tape after tape after tape after tape. And then I sent another tape,” remembers Laura Okmin, […]

Vicki Michaelis: Shaping the Future of Sports Journalism

The media plays a key role in shaping perception, and while women are a rapidly growing fan base in sports, we still see a limited amount of women in power positions in the industry. “At this point, women still face higher hurdles,” says veteran sports journalist Vicki Michaelis. “On television, they are predominantly relegated to […]

What it’s Like Working for a Sports Marketing Agency

The moment isn’t always identifiable or predictable, but everyone has a juncture in life when something big could happen. What would you do in that moment? Would you pounce and seize it, or would you wonder and calculate? For Ashley Allison, client service representative at sports marketing agency Old Hat Creative, the moment came while […]

A Day in the Life of a Play by Play Announcer

Tuesday in the Big Apple leads to Thursday in Detroit. Friday it’s the city of brotherly love and then on to Charlotte for a Sunday matinee. Being a play-by-play announcer requires more than a great set of lungs and an encyclopedic memory, it also requires a really good set of luggage. For veteran broadcaster Doug […]

A Day in the Life of an Online Sports Editor

This is a guest post written by Alison Myers There are plenty of aspiring writers looking to make their mark in the competitive field of sports media. However, with newspapers dying out and fierce competition for television jobs, many turn to the Internet. Some create their own blogs which generate small audiences, and others apply […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Sports Internships

If you are going to get hired in the sports industry the first step is interning…and so is the second step and the third. Think of it this way, if you were in charge of hiring someone for an entry level position with a NFL team, would you rather hire the person that: A: Had […]

High School Sports: Conquering the Final Frontier of Sports Broadcasting

Count the DVR amongst the most impactful technologies of the last decade plus. Maybe it’s not as sexy as the smartphone or cloud computing, but it has changed the viewing patterns of over 50 million people. I’d say that’s impact. Those viewers, armed with the power of record and fast-forward, more often than not skip […]

How to Join the Fastest Growing Segment of the Sports Industry

It’s fair to say, nine years after the fact, that USA Track and Field was a trend-setter. Way back in 2004 USATF was the very first business or organization to post a job related to social media on Work in Sports. OK, technically it was a ‘Website and Social Media Intern’, but these forward thinkers […]

Want to Work in Digital Sports Production? Here’s the way

It doesn’t matter if you work in sales, coaching, merchandising or some other sports discipline, the root of the sports industry is always the event. But the way we watch and engage with the event is modifying, the audience experience is no longer limited to a certain time or even a certain location. No longer […]

What it’s Like Working UFC Events: Steve Becker, Coordinating Producer of UFC coverage on Fuel TV

The UFC may feature the toughest athletes in sports, but they are about to put on their big boy pants later this summer. After years of slowly climbing their way into the consciousness of sports fans across the globe, raising up from direct-to-DVD (or even VHS) events, to now having primetime matches on Fox, the […]