Where is the Sports Industry Headed? – Work In Sports Podcast

Where is the Sports Industry Going?! Calling all up-and-coming broadcast talent – here’s your chance to make a name for yourself overnight.   Compete against others in SiriusXM’s “MLB Fan Call of the Month” contest starting on Thursday, September 3rd at 10 AM Eastern.  Visit SiriusXM dot com slash MLB Fan Call, and make your voice […]

#JobMadness is Taking over the Sports Industry

I can already hear the music fading up in the background… “The ball is tipped and there you are you’re running for your life you’re a shooting star And all the years no one knows just how hard you worked but now it shows… (in) ONE SHINING MOMENT, IT’S ALL ON THE LINE ONE SHINING MOMENT, […]

Feeling Stuck In Your Current Career? Here’s The Push You Need.

It’s dark now when you wake up in the morning and begin the routine. Start coffee, shower, eat, dress. It’s Monday – how are you feeling?  No seriously, answer the question – how are you feeling? You work week is about to start, this isn’t the carefree, do as I please, weekend anymore. No pajamas […]

What’s Next in Wearable Sports Technology

Like all trends, wearable sports technology is constantly undergoing changes and improvements to keep consumers interested. Fitbits, Apple Watches, and other wearables are well marketed to consumers, and companies have built their brands to become a necessities for many people in their day to day lives. Wearable gadgets are here to stay. Wrist gadgets, maybe […]

Why The “Battle of the Sexes” Was About More Than Tennis

Women have been fighting for equal rights and equal pay for decades. Many believe one of the first instances of social change in women’s sports was the tennis match between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King in 1973. Riggs challenged King to a match with a $100,000 prize, the “Battle of the Sexes” match became […]

Become a Basketball Scout with Training from NetScouts Basketball

NetScouts Basketball is the largest basketball scouting service in the world. We scout international men and women youth players for our International Scouting Service which we market to colleges in the USA. We also scout NCAA Division 1 schools for professional teams overseas. In order to give something back to the profession we have been […]

In Times of Need, We All Unite. This is the Time to Help Houston

Harvey didn’t care where you sit politically. The rising flood waters couldn’t tell the color of your skin or the country of your origin. In our divided, angry, frustrated country, a powerful circle of wind was willing and able to hurt everyone and everything in it’s path, without concern. The effects will last decades. Devastation […]

The Trick(s) to Networking on Social Media

This isn’t your ordinary night spent in front of the TV, clutching a small glass with ice cubes clinking inside. You have somewhere to be, and people are expecting you to show up representing the best version of yourself. Tonight is different than most nights because you are on your way to a networking mixer downtown, […]

Behind the Mic For a Moment: A Day in the Life of a Sports PA Announcer

Guest author Jon Horton is a seasoned sports media professional having worked for CNN Sports, Fox Sports, the University of Washington, SMU and the University of Cincinnati. His first person account of being the game day PA announcer for FC Cincinnati follows. It’s about three hours to match time for the biggest soccer match in […]

How To Launch a Career in Sports Analytics

Data driven decision making. This terminology is common vernacular to anyone in the typical business world. Decisions on marketing efforts, revenue projections, advertising, supply lines – are all rooted in data mining. No guesswork, no assumptions, no hypothesis, important business decisions are made only after crunching and interpreting the available data. The same decision making […]