This Fan Rap Video Broke My Will. Introducing Chicken Noodle Coop.

Each week I receive around 20-30 emails from people asking me to share their content on our blog. About 90-95% are never published. Some are worthy contributions, most are complete junk and others fit into a different category that resists labeling. Right around the Super Bowl I received my first ever fan rap video, from […]

Everyone is Taking Shots at the LA Rams (and it’s awesome)

It’s been an awful year for the LA Rams football franchise. Their now former coach is about as mediocre as they come, their star in the making running back has been a shell of himself, the shiny new franchise quarterback was inactive and now just ineffective, even their vaunted defense led by Aaron Donald has […]

Sports and Public Drinking: What Not to Do When Trying to Land a Sports Internship

You’re a senior in college. People have been telling you it’s time to start looking for an internship so that you have some experience under your belt before graduation. You heard them, between six-packs and foosball games, and you’re taking action. Good work. Things are about to change. Your choice of field was an easy […]

Detroit Pistons Rule The Hype Video World for 2016 (so far)

During my years in sports broadcasting, promotional hype videos would fall on my desk often. This guy for Heisman, that gal for FIFA player of the year, boy wonder for Silver Slugger – all kinds of reels hyping up an event or an individual. I watched each and every one for two main reasons – […]

Understanding the Core Differences Between Rugby and Football

This article is a guest contribution from Aussie freelancer Logan Grayson Although to every American, and the rest of English-speaking world, the difference between football and rugby is as obvious as difference between night and day, to the rest of the humanity lines may be somewhat blurred. In the end, to the foreigner’s soccer-centric eye […]

10 Horrible Mistakes Made on Sports TV

During the recent inadvertent display of male genitalia during a morning TV show in Denver (you can watch the video here…if you are the one person who is yet to see it) the majority of the world laughed, gasped and thought ‘how could that happen!’, while at the same time a collective sigh went out […]

Sports Industry Top Ten of the Week

Every week there are big stories that everyone in sports journalism is covering, but you won’t see them highlighted here. I’m sorry, but I watch an ESPN report on Biogenesis and then read it in Yahoo! Sports and I feel like I’m good. I don’t need to read about it in every single sports blog […]

Who Will be the NFL’s Top Five Quarterbacks in 2018?

After a decade of Manning, Brady and Brees atop the QB depth chart, the NFL is in the midst of undergoing a ‘face of the shield’ change over the next five years. Of course there is a chance that despite being at or around 40 years old these three iconic helmsman could still be playing, […]

Who are the Five Athletes You Wish You Saw Perform Live?

Life in a sports newsroom is essentially a working debate. We all have jobs to do, but it seems we can always make time to jump into an argument, no matter how ridiculous it may be. Best bare footer kicker in the history of the NFL…I’ll debate that. (Tony Franklin) What is the most unbreakable […]

The Athletes you Love to Hate…Unless They are on Your Team

Growing up as a Boston Bruins fan I couldn’t stand Montreal Canadiens tough guy Chris Nilan. “Knuckles”, as he was affectionately nicknamed, always seemed to pick the perfect time to be a world-class jerk. He’d chop a guy down on the break, smash someone during a fight and always seem to change momentum towards the Canadiens. […]