4K, VR and Drones: The Evolution of Sports Broadcasting

It seems so long ago when the only way to check football scores or the US Open golf leaderboard was by flicking to the sports pages in a newspaper. These days, it seems you can watch or listen to every putt, point or pitch from sports around the world, thanks to the evolution of sports […]

Everyone is Taking Shots at the LA Rams (and it’s awesome)

It’s been an awful year for the LA Rams football franchise. Their now former coach is about as mediocre as they come, their star in the making running back has been a shell of himself, the shiny new franchise quarterback was inactive and now just ineffective, even their vaunted defense led by Aaron Donald has […]

Working in Sports Journalism as a Woman

Sports journalism has historically been a difficult area for women to enter and to be taken seriously. While there are a handful of established female sports journalists – Jackie MacMullan, Sally Jenkins, Judy Battista and Doris Burke come to mind – there are far more than haven’t broken down the door, and it’s not for […]

Most Popular Sports Jobs of the Week – 1st Edition

In the business world data driven decision making is the daily norm. Most important choices are backed up with spreadsheets filled with data points, forecasting the future based on previously gathered information. The model works, and has not only migrated to the sports world but in some ways taken over. What we’ve learned through our […]

From American Studies to Baseball Immortality: How Theo Epstein Carved His Own Path

How in the world did an American Studies major at Yale become the most immortal figure in baseball? For Theo Epstein, the man who laughs at centuries old curses, his career growth was dependent on two things – goal setting and filling gaps. Let’s go back to the beginning, long before Epstein led the Boston […]

Pick Your Poison: Marijuana Vs Opiates in the Professional Sports World

Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Ricky Williams and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar all share one interesting thing in common. But first, let’s consider their distinct talents: Michael Phelps may as well be half fish and half human—arguably the greatest Olympian of all time. Faster than a strike of lightning,  Usain Bolt can rightly consider himself the fastest man […]

A Talented Sports Reporter Teaches Us All A Lesson

Spend enough time around human beings and you are quick to realize there aren’t many who own their mistakes. In times of blatant errors first comes ‘I got hacked’, then comes ‘it was someone else fault’ and finally there is the desperate ‘look at that shiny object over there!’ moment where everyone forgets and moves […]

Your 2016 Olympic Primer – And A Gift

Since they began in Olympia, Greece, in 776 B.C., the Olympic Games have been a vital, incomparable staple in the world of sports.   Flash forward a few thousand years and the Olympic flame will make its way to Rio De Janiero, Brazil and burn bright from August 5th-21st, in the first ever Olympics hosted […]

IT Security In Sports: What It Means For Your Career, And Why?

This article is a guest contribution from freelance writer Jennifer Smith Sports is all about competition, but what a lot of fans may not realize is that sometimes the most intense competition happens miles away from the actual field of play. The stakes are high in sports, with jobs on the line, huge payrolls to […]

The Worst Interview Technique Ever – And Why It Could Happen To You

Editor’s Note: While helping a job seeker with some advice I was dumbfounded to discover an interview technique they had just endured that I personally find disheartening and if it starts a trend, discouraging. I asked them to write us up a blow-by-blow account of the experience, which they agreed to, under one condition, that […]