The Intersection of Sports and the Military

Memorial day is much more than an excuse to get off work and BBQ – although that is a wonderful side benefit – it’s a collective moment of silence to appreciate those who have served and died for our country. Sports and the military have great parallels, but we often blur the lines of reality […]

Security Metal Detectors: At a Sports Arena Near You

This article is a guest contribution from Daniel Bernzweig of There’s a certain camaraderie when fans are corralling into a live sporting event. Spectators eagerly anticipate an all-star performance amidst the roar of the crowd and the aroma of stadium hot dogs. And while most game-goers are used to minor inconveniences such as heavy […]

Analyzing the NFL Draft Myths That Could Ruin Your Team

The NFL draft is a mystical event, where even the executives who study and scout the available talent all year will describe their chance of success as “a 50-50 coin flip”. With success so unpredictable and fleeting, many teams fall back on convenient myths and old general manager tales in an attempt to make sense […] Wins 2016 User’s Choice Award

Amongst the 150,000 active job boards worldwide, Phoenix-based has risen to the elite category, earning a 2016 User’s Choice Award in a survey conducted by WEDDLE’s Media Group. Since 2000, has been the preeminent job board for those seeking employment in the sports industry, and continues to be the only sports industry job […]

The Role of the Media in NASCAR and Formula 1

The racing world has been around for decades wowing spectators, drawing a crowd, and creating a racing culture that is unmatched by any other sport. Racing fans are another breed and the NASCAR and Formula 1 enthusiasts take their sport very seriously. Not that other sports fans don’t, but these fans of motorsports are in […]

Detroit Pistons Rule The Hype Video World for 2016 (so far)

During my years in sports broadcasting, promotional hype videos would fall on my desk often. This guy for Heisman, that gal for FIFA player of the year, boy wonder for Silver Slugger – all kinds of reels hyping up an event or an individual. I watched each and every one for two main reasons – […]

A Five Step Plan For Networking on Twitter

This article is a guest submission from Rich Campbell, Associate Professor of Marketing at Sonoma State University I recently wrote a two part post at with some suggestions of people to follow on Twitter in the sports industry, branding and social media. There are many such lists all over the internet including this Huffington Post […]

Seven Tips to Prevent Exercise Injuries

How does it feel to be injured during an exercise? We are often at risk of injuries during routine exercise. Many people assume that exercise-related injuries only affect the standard populations and exclude the elite from chances of ever getting injured. This is a fallacy, as exercise related injuries cuts across the board whether you […]

It’s Time for our Annual Kickoff Special

Football season is finally here – which means it’s time for our annual Kickoff Special! Get all the details of this incredible offer below and then click here to redeem your special offer. WIS Kickoff Special [bctt tweet=”It’s time for our annual Kickoff Special! Details on this awesome promo #sportsbiz”]

Understanding the Core Differences Between Rugby and Football

This article is a guest contribution from Aussie freelancer Logan Grayson Although to every American, and the rest of English-speaking world, the difference between football and rugby is as obvious as difference between night and day, to the rest of the humanity lines may be somewhat blurred. In the end, to the foreigner’s soccer-centric eye […]