Sports Industry Top 10 of the Week – July 19th

As a former sports producer at a national sports network and news director at a regional sports network, I am qualified to say MLB All-star  week is the worst sports week of the year. I’m used to hitting refresh on about ten times a day, always finding something new to engage with whether it’s […]

Who are the Five Athletes You Wish You Saw Perform Live?

Life in a sports newsroom is essentially a working debate. We all have jobs to do, but it seems we can always make time to jump into an argument, no matter how ridiculous it may be. Best bare footer kicker in the history of the NFL…I’ll debate that. (Tony Franklin) What is the most unbreakable […]

2013 MSG Entry Level and Internship Fair

Let’s say you recently graduated college and have been enjoying a little time off before getting a real job and getting out from under mom and dad’s roof. Well now is the time to step up your efforts! If you live in the New York area the 2013 Madison Square Garden Entry Level & Internship Fair […]

Does Bob Costas Hate the Mets Celebration…or his Producer?

The refrain being bandied about the sports blogosphere after Bob Costas’ less than enthusiastic highlight read of the Mets walk-off victory Sunday, is that Costas is anti-celebration and possibly enjoys sitting on his front porch yelling at kids to stay off his lawn. People are saying that he’s lost relevance, can’t relate to today’s audience […]

The Athletes you Love to Hate…Unless They are on Your Team

Growing up as a Boston Bruins fan I couldn’t stand Montreal Canadiens tough guy Chris Nilan. “Knuckles”, as he was affectionately nicknamed, always seemed to pick the perfect time to be a world-class jerk. He’d chop a guy down on the break, smash someone during a fight and always seem to change momentum towards the Canadiens. […]