Seven Tips to Prepare for the January Sports Job Push

Right after ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ has concluded, we head directly into my favorite season of the year – job search season. Many job seekers take the months of November and December off, enjoying their eggnog induced malaise and basking in the spirit of holiday shopping. For others, the New Year provides […]

Why You Should Attend the Sports Industry Networking and Career Conference

On the Work in Sports blog we do our best to give you fresh, actionable career advice to help you land a job in the sports industry. One of the many ways we stay up-to-date with all the latest trends in the industry is by attending sports conferences and talking to the movers and shakers […]

Does Bob Costas Hate the Mets Celebration…or his Producer?

The refrain being bandied about the sports blogosphere after Bob Costas’ less than enthusiastic highlight read of the Mets walk-off victory Sunday, is that Costas is anti-celebration and possibly enjoys sitting on his front porch yelling at kids to stay off his lawn. People are saying that he’s lost relevance, can’t relate to today’s audience […]

How to be a Sports Reporter That News Directors Want to Hire

Aspiring Sports Reporters and Sports Anchors take note, when you are first getting started in your career you may be very lonely. “I work with a photographer a few times a week, but the other days, I do everything myself. Even on road trips.” says Adam Mikulich, (@AdamMikulich) Sports Reporter for KUTV in Salt Lake City, “In […]