Job Interview Prep: Research, Research, Research – Facebook LIVE

Every week people ask me how to prepare for their upcoming sports job interview and I tell them: It all starts with research. Their follow up, without fail: “What research should I do?” And that is the purpose of this Facebook LIVE session, to explain the necessary research everyone should do before they go on […]

The Five Types of People You Need in Your Professional Network – Facebook LIVE Session 5

Every Thursday at 7:30pm EST from the Work in Sports Facebook Page, Brian Clapp our Director of Content and Host of the Work in Sports podcast leads a live session focused on a sports career related topic, and then opened up for questions from the live audience. This week, Brian focused on the type of […]

Advanced Advice for Sports Job Interviews – Facebook LIVE replay!

Every Thursday at 7:30pm EST Brian Clapp, Director of Content for and host of the Work in Sports podcast, presents a LIVE session on our Work in Sports Facebook page. Since many people can’t make the live event, we’ll publish the replay right here on our blog every Friday. During this episode, Brian shares […]

Mastering the Art of Social Media Networking – Work in Sports Facebook Live Session #2

Join us every Thursday night at 7:30PM EST for a live sports career advice session on the Work in Sports Facebook page! Hosted by Brian Clapp, 20-year veteran of the sports industry, Director of Content and host of the Work in Sports podcast. Brian starts every show with actionable advice for your sports career, […]

Three Ideas to Make Yourself Memorable in a Job Interview

Being mediocre is the death knell for all job seekers. Mediocre means your are good enough to be considered, but not good enough to be hired. You aren’t the dream hire every employer wants, you’re just a nice alternative should the top candidate turn them down. How do you break from this mold and make […]

Sports Jobs in Focus: What the Heck is a Production Coordinator?

You know you want to work in sports, but you really don’t know what sports career you should aim for. That’s where our new “Sports Jobs in Focus” videos will help, every week we’re going to introduce you to a position in the sports industry, do a deep dive into the role and responsibilities and […]

Choosing the Right School for Sports Careers

If you are interested in pursuing a sports career, you are in luck because more and more colleges and universities are teaching sports specific classes and majors suited for the sports industry. But success is not necessarily tied to where you go to school, as Director of Content Brian Clapp explains in this short […]

Local Sports Coverage Falls Down Again

The execution of television is not as difficult as it may seem. There are cameras pointing a very specific direction, and there is a safe zone behind them – i.e. where the camera’s aren’t pointing. If you have a need to get from one side of the studio to the other, the safe and smart […]

Video: How To Stand Out From The Crowd For Sports Jobs

Don’t kid yourself, sports jobs are highly competitive. In the past, has been asked to help sports employers like ESPN with some of their recruiting efforts and it’s amazing the amount of responses they get for every opening. Do you want to be the person getting the competitive sports jobs, or just the person filling […]

The Harsh Advice You Need to Hear About Working in Sports

The goal of our WorkinSports blog is to help our audience any way we can – sometimes that requires us to give you a bit of a wake-up call. This video is one of those times. WIS Most jobs are not for sports fans.MTS Video Transcript: “The Harsh Advice You Need to Hear About Working […]