Three Ideas to Make Yourself Memorable in a Job Interview

Being mediocre is the death knell for all job seekers. Mediocre means your are good enough to be considered, but not good enough to be hired. You aren’t the dream hire every employer wants, you’re just a nice alternative should the top candidate turn them down. How do you break from this mold and make […]

Choosing the Right School for Sports Careers

If you are interested in pursuing a sports career, you are in luck because more and more colleges and universities are teaching sports specific classes and majors suited for the sports industry. But success is not necessarily tied to where you go to school, as Director of Content Brian Clapp explains in this short […]

Video: How To Stand Out From The Crowd For Sports Jobs

Don’t kid yourself, sports jobs are highly competitive. In the past,¬† has been asked to help sports employers like ESPN with some of their recruiting efforts and it’s amazing the amount of responses they get for every opening. Do you want to be the person getting the competitive sports jobs, or just the person filling […]

The Harsh Advice You Need to Hear About Working in Sports

The goal of our WorkinSports blog is to help our audience any way we can – sometimes that requires us to give you a bit of a wake-up call. This video is one of those times. WIS Most jobs are not for sports fans.MTS Video Transcript: “The Harsh Advice You Need to Hear About Working […]

The Skill You Need to Improve for Your Sports Career

Sometimes you need a little tough love to push you through your career, with that in mind I think this may be just what you need: WIS writing skills Video Transcript for “The Skill You Need to Improve for Your Sports Career” Brian Clapp, Director of Content¬†I had a mentor earlier in my career […]

The Current State of Job Searching and How it Affects You

The expectations of the workforce have changed. According to a recent study the number one reason people are attracted to a new job is “Good Pay”, which explains why the majority of workers are always on the hunt for something better. We explain more about the current state of job searching in this short, informative, […]

The Secret to Getting Your Dream Sports Job

What strategy should you use to get your dream sports job? We have a few ideas on that concept, and we explore it in this short video: WIS internal candidates Video Transcript for “The Secret to Getting Your Dream Sports Job” Brian Clapp, Director of Content: I’ve spent the majority of my career as […]

Thinking Big Picture in a Job Interview

It’s so easy to get mired in the depths of a job description, focused on the intricate details of the day-to-day expectations. But, during a job interview, employers want you to show you can think bigger about their business. Here’s how: WIS understanding the big picture Video Transcript for “Thinking Big Picture in a Job […]

How to use Your Cover Letter to Tell the Right Story

The fact that employers in the sports industry expect you to have a versatile and diverse skill set comes as no surprise – but how do you show them you have what it takes? We have an idea you need to incorporate into your next cover letter: WIS demonstrate versatility Video Transcript for “How to […]

The Most Important Part of Your Job Interview

A recent study regarding job interview techniques adds fresh perspective on how you should prepare for your big day. Director of Content Brian Clapp explains: WIS 4th interview Video Transcript for “The Most Important Part of Your Job interview” Brian Clapp, Director of Content: Transcript coming soon!