Thinking Big Picture in a Job Interview

It’s so easy to get mired in the depths of a job description, focused on the intricate details of the day-to-day expectations. But, during a job interview, employers want you to show you can think bigger about their business. Here’s how: WIS understanding the big picture Video Transcript for “Thinking Big Picture in a Job […]

How to use Your Cover Letter to Tell the Right Story

The fact that employers in the sports industry expect you to have a versatile and diverse skill set comes as no surprise – but how do you show them you have what it takes? We have an idea you need to incorporate into your next cover letter: WIS demonstrate versatility Video Transcript for “How to […]

The Most Important Part of Your Job Interview

A recent study regarding job interview techniques adds fresh perspective on how you should prepare for your big day. Director of Content Brian Clapp explains: WIS 4th interview Video Transcript for “The Most Important Part of Your Job interview” Brian Clapp, Director of Content: Transcript coming soon!

The Secret to Advancing in Your Sports Career

On the WorkinSports blog we spend a great deal of time discussing how to land your first job in the sports industry, but in this video we’re going one step deeper to discuss what you should do after you land your first job! WIS Secret to Advancing in Sports Careers Video Transcript for “The Secret […]

How Applicant Tracking Systems Have Improved and Why That Is a Good Thing

Applicant Tracking Systems are the bane of many existences, filtering out viable candidates based on keywords rather than expertise – but they are getting better and that is a very good thing: How applicant tracking systems have improved Video Transcript for “How Applicant Tracking Systems Have Improved and Why That is a Good Thing” Brian […]

How to Leverage the Pressure on Hiring Managers to Your Advantage

It’s hard being a job seeker, but it’s not easy being the person on the other side of the interview in charge of picking the right person either. Hiring managers are a bit paranoid, knowing if they hire the wrong person it can affect the entire business. You can use that pressure to your advantage, […]

Want to be a Sports Journalist? Better Learn This Skill

It’s the dream of many to become a sports journalist, tasked with writing compelling sports stories for newspapers, magazines and digital media outlets. But the role has changed, there are new skills and responsibilities you need to be aware of if you want a job as a sports journalist. We explain in this short video: […]

Video: Tips to Help you Prepare for a Sports Job Interview

Finding a sports job can be a monotonous process – find a job, apply for a job, wait to hear something…rinse…repeat. Even if it may not seem it, someone is going to want to interview you at some point and when they do you can’t afford to be unprepared or full of anxiety. Follow these […]

Sports Jobs in Focus: Tips for Being a Sports Reporter

Our sports jobs in focus column takes a deep dive into a specific role in the sports industry, this week we share some tips on being a top notch sports reporter. Enjoy! Sports Jobs in Focus: Sports Reporter Video Transcript for “Sports Jobs in Focus: Tips for Being a Sports Reporter” Brian Clapp, Director […]

Job Interviewing Tips: Dealing with Nerves and Anxiety

I’ve written a great deal on preparing for sports job interviews, but I’ve never discussed how to handle the anxiety or nerves leading up to an interview. This short video will provide three tips that anyone can use to help calm their nerves before their next sports job interview! introverts dilemna Video Transcript for “Job […]