Why Work and Play Should Be One and the Same

There is a disconnect for many people as they consider their career ambitions – we want to clear something up, to be your best your career and your passion should intertwine: WIS sports can be work Video Transcript for “Why Work and Play Should Be One and the Same” Brian Clapp, Director of Content, WorkinSports.com: […]

Sports Jobs Q&A – Should You Add Personality to Your Professional Profile?

Yet another video version of our Sports Jobs Q&A column where you submit the question and we give you our expert opinion. This weeks question comes from Anna in Alpharetta, Georgia who wants to know if she should add some personality and creativity to her resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile…here’s our take: WIS qa […]

How to Make Yourself a Better Employee Without Working Harder

Catchy title right? Before you go off thinking this is some advice to help you work less hours and make more money – it’s not (although that would be cool). This video is targeted towards those people who want to grow at work and yet keep travelling the wrong route to do so. Enjoy! WIS […]

How to Stand out for a Sports Marketing Career

Careers in sports marketing are some of the most sought after opportunities on WorkinSports.com, so how can you make yourself stand out from the competition? One way is to understand what employers really want, our Director of Content Brian Clapp has some insider knowledge that can really assist you! WIS Sports Marketing.MTS Video Transcript for […]

Will I Need to Relocate to Have a Sports Career?

Perception doesn’t always line up with reality, and in the case of sports careers, the belief that to make it big you have to head to New York or Los Angeles is outdated thinking. Our Director of Content Brian Clapp explains the reality of sports careers for today’s era in this short video: WIS do […]

Sports Jobs Q&A: What Type of Sports Internships Should I Pursue?

Our weekly Sports Jobs Q&A column has gone VIDEO! We thought it would be fun to mix things up a little, a least for this week. If you have a question you’d like us to conquer please add it to the comments below. WIS types of internships.MTS Video Transcript: “Sports Jobs Q&A: What Type of […]

Video: Why Mark Cuban is Wrong About a Sports Management Degree

When Mark Cuban speaks, people listen. Recently the Dallas Mavericks owner and co-host of Shark Tank, spoke negatively about getting a sports management degree. We listened, we thought about it, and we disagree with the majority of his premise. Watch this short video to see how we arrived at our conclusion: WIS Mark Cuban.MTS Video […]

Video: An Entry Level Sports Job That Could be Your Perfect Match

We’re starting a new video series where we take a deep dive into entry level sports jobs that we believe have a high ceiling and could really put you on the sports career path of your dreams. This week we’re discussing social media sports jobs, how they relate to the sports world, the skills needed […]

Video: The Unwritten Rules of the Sports Media

Early in my sports television career I stepped in many, many pot holes. Some would call them rookie mistakes and while I agree there is a level of ‘learning by fire’ that takes place in the sports industry, it still would have been nice if someone warned me just a little. Heck, it would have […]

Video: Why Sports Jobs? It’s Simple…

We all search for inspiration, something to act as a beacon in our lives imploring us to follow or come closer. For over 15 years, working in the sports industry┬áhas provided me excitement, passion, pride and fulfillment. This video is my attempt to pay forward all that working in the sports industry has given me. […]