Everyone is Taking Shots at the LA Rams (and it’s awesome)

It’s been an awful year for the LA Rams football franchise.

Their now former coach is about as mediocre as they come, their star in the making running back has been a shell of himself, the shiny new franchise quarterback was inactive and now just ineffective, even their vaunted defense led by Aaron Donald has been routinely shredded.

It’s bad in LA, really bad – middle school watch-the-game-through-your-fingers-expecting-ridiculousness-to-come-next kind of bad.

All of this has been an early Christmas present for many of the people in St. Louis who watched their team pack up and leave town like a scorned lover in the night. The Edward Jones dome is quite possibly the loneliest place in America, still costing the city millions in debt but without a tenant in sight.

The people have a right to be pissed.

Even with all that bubbling animosity, this rocket shot from local St. Louis Fox affiliate KTVI has to sting a little back in LA:

Generally speaking, the graphics operator of a local TV affiliate is about as far removed from an op-ed columnist as you can get, but in this instance the professional typist decided enough was enough. They had motive and opportunity, and took advantage of it.

If it’s hard to read from the screen shot provided by 590 the Fans Tim McKernan, that is Kevin Demoff COO of the LA Rams during the press conference to announce Jeff “7-9” Fisher being fired. His name is spelled correctly, his title of Rams Chief Operating Officer is also spelled correctly (chief can be a tough one), it’s the rest of the line that makes us giggle.


Usually the lower third identifiers of the person speaking on camera are a “just the facts” routine – titles, identifiers, locations – to put a label on a speaker, like Professional Liar is the kind of thing that usually puts you in the cross hairs of the executive suites at the station (I can envision any one of my bosses in TV belching out something like “It is not your job to opine, it is your job to type”).

But in this case, we think Mr. or Mrs. Graphics Operator  will be just fine, in fact, they may get a pat on the back from the entire region.

We’re seeing a theme here, graphics operators haven’t been all that kind to the Rams this year, nor should they be:

the LA Rams are a joke

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