How Applicant Tracking Systems Have Improved and Why That Is a Good Thing


Applicant Tracking Systems are the bane of many existences, filtering out viable candidates based on keywords rather than expertise – but they are getting better and that is a very good thing:

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Video Transcript for “How Applicant Tracking Systems Have Improved and Why That is a Good Thing”

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Once you hit “send” your resume is out of your hands and in the hands of an applicant tracking system. Thankfully, they are improving.

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  1. Mary Price says

    Thank you for taking time to make that informative video. I knew about the keywords, and like you I hated it too. I also believe the interview process should be a personal process. When you hire someone you are hiring that person, not just their skills so it is important they are a good fit, not just have the work experience. Unfortunately, in today technology hungry world the personal touch seems to be getting lost by the way side. I hope it makes its way back to the mainstream.

    Best regards,
    Mary Price

  2. justin press says

    Great piece Brian. Without the right intangibles a candidate who is just technically proficient won’t cut it. You can learn any system or way of doing things with a little time but cultivating a persona that fits the environment you work in is so key. Is this person good around the office, do you they inspire, invigorate or help others stay loose. Things of that nature are vital to success. Does the client/customer feel at ease, feel comfortable, can they be themselves. Servicing an account and fine and dandy but making that account feel a personal connection, that’s the long game.

    Best Regards, Justin Press