How to Raise Your Ceiling in the Sports Industry

Sports Industry Management at Georgetown University

You must challenge yourself to achieve new heights in your sports career

In the sports world you will often hear scouts, general managers and analysts talk about a players “ceiling”, basically referring to the limit on their potential.

An athlete like Lebron James may have no ceiling, while Celtics reserve guard Phil Pressey, by NBA standards, would have a low ceiling.

Pressey will probably only achieve limited success because of factors working against him (namely that he’s 5’11, undrafted and can’t shoot all that well), while James seemingly has no factors working against him (except a broken nose).

The same analysis takes place for hiring managers and recruiters – they often look at not just where a potential hire is right now, but how high they can achieve.

Analyze yourself – do you think you are set up for success? Do you have the knowledge and experience to impress recruiters and hiring managers?

If you aren’t sure, you can raise your career ceiling by pursuing a Masters of Professional Studies in Sports Industry Management at Georgetown University.

The program emphasizes real-world skills, industry experience and building relationships that will help you achieve your lofty personal goals and discover opportunities for your career to expand.

But don’t take my word for it.

To learn more about the program you are invited to an Open House Wednesday, March 19th at 6pm on the campus for the School of Continuing Studies.

Program alumni have gone on to lofty positions with ESPN, Nike, Octagon, US Olympic Committee, professional teams, collegiate programs, various international positions and more.

Prepare your best questions and find out if a Masters in Professional Studies in Sports Industry Management is the program to help you reach new heights in your sports career.

georgetown Sports industry management open house

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