How to Watch Professional Sports While Travelling Overseas

watching sports while traveling overseas

Just because you travel overseas, doesn’t mean you have to ignore your favorite teams! Find out how to watch no matter where you are.

It is an absolute shame how difficult it is to watch your favorite team while travelling outside the country. Regardless of the sport, if you’ve traveled, you’ve certainly been able to see the scores online and read the stats, but watching the game itself is an entirely different story.

The reasons for this mostly stem from regional restrictions placed on the games and the applications that allow you to watch the game.

Luckily for you, there are different services and tools you can use to get your sports fix from all over the world.

Here are a few of the ways you can watch the game:

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Streaming and Torrenting Websites

While these are certainly less than ideal if not outright illegal, they should be mentioned as a potential option for you to watch your game if there are no other ways available to you.

Due to the proliferation of technology, it is entirely possible for people to stream a game feed they get onto the internet for people to watch for free. Alternatively, they might post a recording of the game online for people to watch later.

As a general rule, there are a few games available to you at any time before copyright holders get to work and bring it down. If you search around enough, you will find a source for what you want; although as a warning, there is a high chance you will encounter malware or other security threats trying to pray upon you.

In addition, you are extremely unlikely to find a good video quality option for your viewing, and even if you do, you’ll have to wait for buffering every few minutes due to the throttled internet speeds.

This section about torrenting games is included here mostly to dissuade you from doing so.

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There are almost certainly other options available to you and getting your content in a non-authorized manner is no way to support your team and no way to respect the hard-working professionals who help get the game broadcast at a high level of quality.

Once your think about it, you start to realize it isn’t worth your time and that you can either wait or pay for it.

NFL Game Pass and Similar Services

Sports leagues, looking to capitalize on the exact problem you are concerned about, obviously made a way for you to watch the game outside of the country, albeit at a premium price.

Since buying a foreign TV subscription likely isn’t a reasonable option for you when you aren’t planning to live overseas, internet services and subscriptions are your best bet. NFL Game Pass is a great example for the NFL, and has its own plan that you should investigate. If it is another sport that interests you, you’ll likely be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Try searching around online to see what you can find (don’t worry, they’ll make themselves known to you) and seeing if the deal is worth it.

These authorized services can be costly, but they will generally give you full access without any restrictions, and even allow you to watch the game on-demand for a week or two because busy travelers can’t always make the live start time with time-zone differences.

A Virtual Private Network

If you already have a way to watch your game on the internet, then a Virtual Private Network is going to be your best option.

Let’s explain.

Many cable companies or internet providers will have options that allow you to watch professional sports games online if you pay a small fee or have a subscription. These are really handy, and some of them even extend to smartphones and tablets in the form of applications, letting you watch the game you want at the airport.

Unfortunately, many of these services have regional blocks or restrictions that will prevent you from using the service despite the fact that you paid for it. Gee, thanks.

This is where the VPN comes in. What it will do is use an encrypted connection to connect your device to an offsite secure server somewhere else in the world. The encryption will protect information about whatever you are streaming or downloading. The fact that it goes to an offsite server masks your IP address, allowing you to appear as though you are in a different country.

If you appear as though you are in a different country, then you can appear as if you are using your phone or laptop in America, where the restrictions don’t exist. It should be noted that some VPNs are better than others, and that there are some that are well-reviewed and excellent for live-streaming the sports you love.

Here’s to enjoying the big game while on vacation or travelling for work – safely and securely.

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