If You Can Beat Me – You Win! (But I Don’t Think You Can)

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In the United States we believe the Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event there is, and with good reason. Over 125 million people worldwide sat in awe of the destruction of Peyton Manning and the Broncos by the perennial also-ran Seattle Seahawks, making it the most watched Super Bowl ever.

But let’s give this some real perspective.

The upcoming World Cup will have an estimated 715.1 million viewers worldwide over its 4-week run, including an estimated 170 million tuning in for the Final on July 13th.

It’s without question the biggest sporting event in the world, and we’re giving you a chance to win something cool – if you can beat me. (Hi, I’m Brian Clapp Director of Content for WorkinSports.com).

We’ve started a special ESPN World Cup Bracket Predictor and I’ve already submitted my picks (Hint: I may be a huge USMNT fan, but I’m not crazy). Follow the link to our group, enter the password WIS and fill out your bracket.

BRACKET LINK: http://es.pn/1mU1RQl

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But here’s the deal – I don’t think you can beat me.

In the first ever NBA 3-pt contest, Larry Bird walked through the locker room, sized up his competition and announced in an immortal moment of trash talk, “I’m just looking around to see who is gonna finish second.”

That’s me – looking out at all of you, trying to figuring out who is going to come in second.

Sign up, fill out your World Cup bracket, and come back here to trash talk – but you better bring your best because I’ll be talking back!

About Brian Clapp

Brian Clapp has worked in the sports media for over 14 years as a writer, editor, producer & news director. After beginning his career in Atlanta at CNN/Sports Illustrated, he switched coasts to Seattle to work at Fox Sports Northwest. In 2010, Brian began pursuing a new found passion on the digital media side, launching a successful website and then taking on the role of Director of Content for WorkinSports.com & WorkinEntertainment.com.

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  1. David Chorley says:

    I predict that the U.S.A. will progress to the second round by some “miracle goal” some fluke injury or a penalty awarded because there is too much advertising money to be lost if they are out. Somehow it will be rigged because FIFA is corrupt from top to bottom

    • We won’t disagree that FIFA is corrupt, but I don’t think USA is advancing either way. I’d love to see it, but this lead up with Landon being left of the team reminds me very much of the Steve Sampson, Eric Wynalda John Harkes 1998 World Cup drama and that team imploded. – Brian P.S. David did you make your picks?

    • That is such a joke to base it on money. The World Cup and the sport has history and passion. Not just North American weekend interest. People do not watch the game they live and love it. This is a nation of following only those who are on top not those you love. You said it best, they have to advance because money. Other nations want to live and die for the game. As all should because we love and feel differently.
      Corrupt??? Is the US not corrupt?

  2. Patrick Sturgeon says:

    Hi Brian,
    After spending the last 20 years living and working in Europe, I believe I know a little bit about the” beautiful game”. I was a CFC season ticket holder and watched all the big games for years. So I look forward to talking smack with you during the WC. I love TEAM USA as well, but I don’t think they are going to make it out of the group stages. Sorry, Germany and Portugal are just too strong and Ghana has our number, but I think we can beat them. (1-2 record)

    • YES! Great to have you aboard Patrick – please talk it up with me, lets have a little fun. I’ve been to Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford to see games but clearly don’t have the European experience you do… and as for Team USA, they don’t get out of the group stage in my bracket either… – Brian

  3. Vester Howard 3rd says:

    Ultimately, I see an early exit for Team USA in this World Cup because they are in the group of death. Let’s not forget that Landon Donovan isn’t on the team which will present a problem if and when the U.S.is down late in a game they don’t have anyone on their team that is a legitimate scoring threat.
    Now, looking at the countries with an easy road through the group and to the cup final, two countries come to mind Germany and Spain with Spain winning.