In Times of Need, We All Unite. This is the Time to Help Houston

jj watt houston flood relief fund

Harvey didn’t care where you sit politically.

The rising flood waters couldn’t tell the color of your skin or the country of your origin.

In our divided, angry, frustrated country, a powerful circle of wind was willing and able to hurt everyone and everything in it’s path, without concern.

The effects will last decades.

Devastation of this magnitude will cripple the Houston area as houses, streets, churches, schools, stores and parks will need to be rebuilt for society to return and, eventually, thrive again.

The people of the Houston area need help, at Work in Sports we’ve admired the local sports teams as they have opened their hearts, resources and wallets to help the cause and begin rebuilding the country’s 8th largest city.

Every year prior to football season we run a promotion to give away memberships to for 75% off the normal cost — it’s our annual kickoff special.

This year, we’re taking 50% of the proceeds and donating it to J.J. Watt’s Houston Flood Relief fund which as of this post time had raised over $10 MILLION in donations.

It’s a small part of the recovery, but many small gestures add up to make a big difference.

Please know, as you take advantage of our best deal of the year, we’ll be passing 50% of the proceeds straight to a group in desperate need of everyone’s help.

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