New Years Resolutions Get Easier With This

new years resolutions

What is on your New Year’s To Do List?

We are now five days into the New Year and I’m curious, how are things going with your New Years resolutions?

I, like so many others, have pledged to increase my fitness routine (and watch more sports) and so far, so good. I’m a little sore, maybe a tad bit irritable, but overall I’m pleased with the fact I haven’t given up yet.

Since I’m a stats dork lets break this New Years deal down a little more. According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology:

  • 45% of Americans usually make New Years resolutions
  • 75% keep their resolutions through the first week
  • 39% of people in their 20’s keep their resolutions
  • …but only 14% of people in their 50’s keep their resolutions

Alright enough with the stats, quite possibly the most important thing you have going in your life is finding a new, or better, job. Something you feel passionate about, something that can make you feel fulfilled while paying the bills. Is that really too much to ask?

No. We don’t think it in sports promo

We are the #1 job board for the sports industry, which means we can’t help you get in shape, but we can help you find a job you love. And now, for a limited time, you can do it for 75% off the normal price. Access to over 6,000 sports jobs, email job alerts that match your criteria sent to your inbox, a huge database of employers we work with, including many that don’t list their jobs anywhere else.

The benefits of membership are many!

One last stat. The 8th most popular New Years resolution is to to help others in their dreams. We’ve helped thousands of people find jobs they love, so if you are someone who needs a little help reaching your goals, well, it gets easier¬†when you join up with us!

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