So You Want to Become a Sportscaster? Here’s How to Refine Your Skills


Becoming a professional athlete is a near impossible task, but for many who can’t climb that mountain the next best thing is becoming a sportscaster. Wondering how to make that dream a reality? We have some tips and techniques to get you headed down the right path:

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Video Transcript for “So You Want to Become a Sportscaster? Here’s How to Refine Your Skills”

Brian Clapp, Director of Content: So you want to become a sportscaster? It’s the dream job of so many young sports fans, and it makes perfect sense. So many people grow up watching sportscasters on TV presenting sports news, talking to the great athletes of the time and it’s easy to make the assumption that you can do this job!

becoming a sportscaster

Want to become a sportscaster? We have a technique that can help you reach your goals

Then the next question comes in… how? How do I get there? How do I get hired? How do I get noticed?

Well, it all starts with practice and I’m going to give you a tip today to practice the right way.

Step 1: Grab a friend

Step 2: Friend throws out a random sports concept – it can be real, it can be fake breaking news…it doesn’t matter.

Step 3: You set a clock and give yourself 2 minutes

Step 4: In the two minutes you write a 15-20 second intro to that story

Step 5: Timer goes off – you get in front of your camera (or webcam) and present it as if you were on live TV

For example, your friend throws out “Odell Beckham Jr. just blew out his ACL” BOOM! Now you have 2 minutes to write your story and get up there memorized and ready to present to the camera. After you do that, watch it back and critique yourself. Don’t be biased, be critical.

To become a sportscaster you have to be prepared for the urgency of the industry. You never know exactly what is going to happen, so you have to prepare yourself to write well under a deadline and be able to present it well on camera. If you practice this technique a lot, you will become natural and skilled in the art of talking on camera and that is how you begin to build a great demo reel and get yourself noticed.

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