Sports Industry Top Ten of the Week for August 30th

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Couple of interesting things about this photo. 1: Terry Bradshaw is pretty handsy with Jimmy Johnson and 2: Chris Myers may need to lose a few

Fox Sports 1 debuted last week did you watch?

Well, it appears many of you didn’t, because one of our featured stories this week goes into great detail about how Fox Sports 1 has struggled to gain viewers in week 1.

Week 1.

It’s hard work to change viewing patterns and routines, it will take time for Fox Sports 1 to build any kind of momentum. Frankly, I don’t think they will do much more than “struggle” until they have some must see event on the network.

If I asked you right now, what station is ESPN on your cable – how long would you have to think?

What about for Fox Sports 1? You don’t even know where it is yet.

ESPN is a reaction, a place you instinctively flip when you hit a commercial just to see 30 seconds of Ole Miss vs. Arkansas St women’s hoops. You don’t even think about it, you just act. These routines and habits aren’t changed overnight, no matter what Andy Roddick does or doesn’t say.

The list, as always, is in no particular order.  If you know of a blog focused on the sports industry that I should investigate for inclusion in our roundup, please share it in the comments!

ESPN’s Five Day 46 Game Bender – Five days, 46 games, broadcast over eight networks (ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, ESPNNews, ESPN Goal Line & Longhorn Network) . Boy, am I glad I’m don’t work in remote operations for ESPN this week. Sports Video Group has the details…

Dallas Mavericks Parody Kings – Russell Scibetti in his always insightful Business of Sports blog brings back all the Mavs classic advertising videos. The “Mavs Fight for Ultimate Glory” is my personal favorite.

Why Several NFL Beat Writers Left Their Newspapers to join ESPN – The bloodletting continues in the newspaper industry as NFL beat writers across the nation are leaving the ink behind for the digital confines of ESPN. Smart play by ESPN. They’re capitalizing on industry fear to poach some of the best beat writers in the country and add them to their NFL Nation team. Ed Sherman has the story.

Fox Sports 1 Struggles to Draw Viewers in Week One – Deep breath time people. Marathon, not a sprint.

Football Agents Prepare for Hell Week – In sports broadcasting we always talk about the MLB All-Star break being the hardest week of the year for creating shows because nothing is happening. Well, I learned something today – this week is hell week for NFL agents as 1,184 players get released this week and agents scurry to find them new opportunities. Darren Heitner explains it better in his Sports Agent Blog article.

Pitch to Shave Brian Wilson Hits a Homer – Despite the fact that one of our faves, Joe Favorito, needs a new editor, the article still provides some great insight into a really well-crafted promotion, coupled with Brian Wilson’s legendary beard.

Becoming a Social Media Intern with the New York Mets – Jeremy Ross from the University of Michigan gave us an inside look at what being a social media intern with a professional team is all about. Really interesting read; love what he had to do on his interview to get the internship.

Erroneous Story Claiming Houston Astros Most Profitable in History of MLB a Massive Strikeout – Forbes writer on Forbes writer crime!

Our favorite sports business expert, and frankly a guy we trust immensely, Maury Brown took exception to co-worker Dan Alexanders article saying the Houston Astros were the most profitable team in the history of MLB.

Duke it out boys!

Evaluating Every NFL Quarterback with Google Autocomplete    Give it up for creativity.

The Social Gridiron: How the Nation’s Top College Football Coaches Leverage Twitter – Myles J Robinson does a really nice job breaking down interesting facts about college coaches on Twitter – stuff like Louisville’s Charlie Strong follows Johnny Manziel. And 85% of the people Georgia’s Mark Richt follows are high school recruits….and OSU’s Mike Gundy reminds his 31,666 followers once a week that he’s a man. (Ok I made up the last one)

That’s it for this week – if you think there is a blog out there dedicated to the sports industry that we should include in our weekly link roundup, bring it to our attention in the comments section below!

We love being exposed to new, valuable, sites.

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