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Peter King launched the MMQB with great fanfare… so how did Peter Gammons stay so far under the radar?

A few weeks back Peter King of Sports Illustrated fame, launched a new NFL branded site called the MMQB, with great fanfare. Press releases, media tours, radio shows, banner ads on the web… you couldn’t miss it, we all knew it was coming.

That’s not to say it doesn’t deserve the media blitz, King gathered up some of the best beat reporters in the country, writers like Greg A. Bedard and Jenny Vrentas, and now has a beautifully designed, incredibly well-written, football mecca, worthy of every dollar spent promoting it.

It delivers.

Under far less fanfare, the greatest baseball writer of my lifetime, Peter Gammons, launched Gammons Daily.

How did this happen? I literally found out about it yesterday. Was I sleeping at the wheel or did one of the greatest sports journalists of all-time just decide one day to launch a site dedicated to his knowledge?

From GammonsDaily comes my favorite article of the week, and it just so happens to be written by someone other than Gammons (as always the top ten is in no particular order):

Sports Rights Fees Will Make You Hate Your TV: Maury Brown, owner of contributes to Gammons daily and it’s right up my alley – sports broadcasting rights fees. Sounds boring, until you realize how much it will impact your monthly budget. Brown does a great job explaining complex business transactions with ease.

Second Screen can Make Hard Knocks Just that Much Better: My wife isn’t much of a sports fan, which makes some days more difficult than others, but she enjoys Hard Knocks just as much as the rest of us diehards. How can you not? It’s the most wonderfully produced reality-documentary on TV. In this article Joe Favorito has some great ideas to make it even better,which I wasn’t sure was possible. Consider me sold on his second screen thoughts.

Selig Mulls Action With Rays Stadium Talks Stalled: I usually avoid straight news stories in this list and seek out more interesting perspective pieces…but I guess maybe I just feel bad for the Rays. These guys found a way to win with no budget, a terrible stadium and little fan support. I just want to see them get a stadium deal done, and that’s coming from a Red Sox fan!

Big Picture Views Needed to Assess Impact of New Fox Sports 1: Ed Sherman, another one of my favorite writers, hits the nail on this one. Set realistic expectations on Fox Sports1, their long-term goal is to complete with ESPN, but they can’t/won’t on day 1. When you start reading reports about how FS1 is a failure, or hasn’t lived up to expectations – just take a deep breath, watch for yourself and see if it’s something you like. Truth is, they’re going to be around for a while, so don’t get too high on the debut or too low on the late night badminton.

How Sports Illustrated Cracked the Digital Code: This actually could have been my favorite article of the week, since it has actionable insight into big business decision-making. Simply put, Sports Illustrated figured out what their audience wanted and delivered. Go figure.

Why Haven’t Agents Been Punished in Baseball’s Biggest Scandal? : That is a hell of a question, and I haven’t heard anyone asking it except Time magazines Keeping Score blog. I love it when a story has been told by seemingly every angle, regurgitated up and down the dial…and then someone flips it on its ear. Great read.

A Day in the Life: Live Sports Production – Speaking of great reads (pat, pat) – I enlisted 25 year live sports producer Dennis Kirkpatrick to write up a day in his life producing a college basketball game, and I think it’s very interesting. The level of detail that goes into every production is astounding.

Adidas MiCoach Elite System Provides Trainers and Players with Real-Time Performance Metrics:  Long headline but a very interesting article for all of you trainers and techie heads out there.

Why a Sports Management Degree will Separate you From the Competition:  Based on my calculations (remember, I’m a writer not a mathematician) there is a .00525% chance you will become a professional athlete, so it’s time to come up with a new plan if you want a career in sports. Like the title says, we set out to prove how a sports management degree can really help differentiate you from the competition.

That’s it for the week, if you have other posts you think are worth reading, please add them to the comments list and we’ll check them out. Maybe they’ll make next weeks Top Ten!

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