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The Red Sox recent Dollar Beard Night was a stroke of genius for a team rewarding their fans on the way to the playoffs.

When common sense and marketing intuition intersect, you get creative concepts that form a deeper connection with a fan base without concern for the bottom line.

Otherwise known as, Dollar Beard Night at Fenway Park.

Last September, the Red Sox were finishing out the string with a lame duck manager, a disjointed team and a fan base about as enthusiastic as Jeff Bezos would be in Amish country. This year they have the best record in baseball with a bunch of hard-nosed players who have endeared themselves to the fans with tattoos, beards and an every-man attitude.

So when the Red Sox marketing team pushed for Dollar Beard Night, where fans adorning a real or fake beard could get tickets to the game for just a dollar (while supplies last), they basically reached their hands out to the fans and said ‘thanks for sticking with us, lets go on this journey together’.

It wasn’t a money making scheme, like adding more seats to the ballpark or advertising on the Green Monster, this had goodwill in mind, with the side benefit of energizing a fan base on the verge of shelling out some real cash for playoff tickets.

Bravo Red Sox, Bravo.

As always the articles listed here are our top of the week but are in no particular order, if you want to make suggestions of sports industry articles or blogs we should look into please do so in the comments below.

Dollar Beard Night Hits Fenway: Here is the full write-up as presented by Gammons Daily – since I’ve had a man crush on Peter Gammons for about 20 years.

Despite Macintosh Issues NBC Records Record Audience for Sunday Night Football Online Streams: The NFL season opener accounted for over 20 million minutes of online streaming, a record for a non-Super Bowl or Olympic event. My question is, is it eroding some of the broadcast viewership? If so, the bottom line could be affected rather than enhanced, because networks can’t charge the same amount for digital advertising as they can for broadcast. I don’t think we need to worry about the NFL, they raking it in, but I would be worried about some other sports if online streaming keeps escalating. Someday soon I think they’ll be able to charge similar amounts for digital advertising, but until they do it could hurt, rather than help, the bottom line.

Video: The Work Environment for Jobs in Sports : Self-promotion alert! People ask me all the time what it’s like to work in the sports industry, truth is people take for granted that it’s big business and there are rules to abide by. Listen to this short video to be introduced to some mistakes others have made.

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ESPN’s production compound for USA-Mexico rivaled that of Monday Night Football games (Photo Courtesy: Sports Video Group)

ESPN Takes Soccer Production to the Next Level for USA-Mexico World Cup Qualifier: Sports Video Group does an incredibly thorough breakdown of the emphasis ESPN has put into this epic soccer event. As Coordinating Producer, Production Amy Rosenfeld told SVG, “This compound is looking like a Monday Night Football compound, three sets, however many trucks we now have: it’s a big show, and it’s incredibly rewarding because there was a time when we were lucky to get anybody to give us a super-slow-mo.” And it showed, the production was great and an extremely entertaining watch.

Three Interview Questions that Reveal Everything: Warning, this is not sports related, but this article (h/t Matt Crevin) is extremely interesting and a great prep tool for anyone in job seeker mode.

 The Skills Needed for Sports Marketing Jobs: Lauren Hindman, Director of Marketing for the AHL’s Texas Stars gives her keys to making it in Sports Marketing.

NFL Centers to Endorse Butt Wipes: Kudos to Dollar Shave Club, they initially built their brand on a great video concept that went viral and now as they’ve expanded their product line (to the posterior) they refused to play it safe, recruiting NFL centers to endorse their new butt wipe product.

Emirates Makes a Splash at Flushing Meadows: Guest author Nikolay Panchev, VP Consumer Research, Turnkey Intelligence has a very intelligent breakdown of the sponsorship activation by US Open newcomer Emirates at the recently completed event. According to Panchev, activation is most effective when consumers have a personal and meaningful interaction with the brand and for that Emirates won the Grand Slam. Check out the article to see what Emirates did that was so impressive.

Six Questions with NHLPA Player Agent Ian Pulver: For all those people interested in being a sports agent, Darren Heitners always insightful Sports Agent Blog is an incredible resource.

Minor League Baseball Sees Over 41 Million Fans: If you ask me there is no better sporting event than Cape Cod League Baseball…a close second is any Minor League game. It’s so pure and you can be so close to the action, it’s the way sports were meant to be enjoyed. Minor League Baseball brings incredible joy to smaller cities across the nation, that don’t get live events often. I hope MiLB continues this attendance streak for another ten years.

That’s it for this week, if you have other sports industry blogs we should be looking into please let us know in the comments!

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