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The Nashville Predators made a typo in their season ticket holders email and rather than cower, they owned it

I love the changes social media has inspired within team public relations departments.

This past week the Nashville Predators sent an email out to their season ticket holders and at the end of it signed off with “Go Perds!” Whoops.

In the olden days (which were about a year ago) a public relations team would huddle up and spend days deciding: do we do anything? If we do something, do we apologize? If we apologize should we be professional? If we do apologize will people lose faith in us?

Meetings upon meetings, committees formed, decisions delayed, man hours lost to a simple typo where two letters were exchanged.

Instead, the Perds communications team said to themselves, let’s just lean into this one and take it. They followed up the next day with this creative email to season ticket holders that pushed their core message across with humor:

Deer Season Ticket Holder,

It has come to hour attention that the Nashville Perdaters e-mail to our most loyal fans may have had a few misspellings in it yesturday, but can you blame us? With so much excitement in the air as the season quickly approaches, we can’t even sea or type stra8.

The playas are back in town, single game tix go on sale this weekend and our furst home preseason game is only 18 days away. We are planning so many great events for you that spel cheque is the last thing on hour mind.

We look forward to seeing you at the Season Tix Holder pick-up partay @ Bridgestone Arena this Saturday at 11 a.m., where you can tell us in person how bad our spelling is.

Go Perds!!!!!!

Well played, Perds, well played.

As always our list of the top sports industry articles of the week are in no particular order. And if you know of a blog or article you think is worth including in future link roundups just include it in the comments below.

Predators Fully Embrace Spelling Error: Here’s the official story from the Sporting News – great stuff.

Tax Decisions by NFL Players Can Save a Fortune:  Back in 1998 I filed my own tax return and made a simple error in calculating my student loan deduction. In 2003 I got a huge bill from the IRS. I bring this up because I know nothing about taxes but I found this article very interesting and easy to understand. Did you know athletes have to pay taxes in each state they play a game in?

Job Swap: Spurs Matt Bonner ‘Runs’ a New Hampshire Ad Agency: This seems very “spurs-like” to me. While other pro athletes go out partying and committing crimes during their off-seasons, the guys on the most boring team in the NBA go get real jobs. I guess I should be celebrating what is actually pretty cool story.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Sports Internships: I watched David Fincher’s classic Se7en for the 100th time this weekend and felt inspired in writing this post. Internships are the new job interview, a chance to prove your worth to potential employers, but if you make any of these seven mistakes…opportunity wasted.sports industry news galaxy gear smartwatch

Analyzing Samsungs Galaxy Gear for the Sports and Fitness Fan: Apple and Samsung have been feuding for a long time and the feud is set to reach the next level with the release of dueling next wave watches. Samsung is releasing their sport fitness watch later this month (pictured, right) and I’m sure Apple won’t be too far behind. Who will have the better product? Interesting review here of the Samsung watch, while Apple stays mysterious. I’ll put my money on Apple.

With Football, and Futbol, Microsoft takes the next step in Games and Gaming Convergence: With the NFL becoming a Microsoft powered league over the next five years, Joe Favorito provides a glimpse into what that might mean for fans, leagues and the athletes themselves.

Wi-Fi in Stadiums – It’s not About Missing the Game it’s About Staying Connected: Paul Kapustka with a solid piece on why Wi-Fi is so important in stadiums, not just for the fans but for the surrounding businesses who can incentivize the crowd to spend money after the game by placing highly targeted ads to the in-stadium crowd.

How Using Social Media Networking Can Assist in Reaching Gainful Employment: The Sports Esquire’s Rob Sievers provides some nice tips on how to leverage social media in your job search, it’s a nice refresher of some fundamentals we all may have lost along the way.

BTN2GO Rolls Out Version 3.0: Credit to Big Ten Network who, alongside ESPN, are pioneering the TV everywhere concept. Sports Video Group does a very detailed review of the latest iteration.

Twitter Taps Reiss to Spearhead Sports: According to the Sports Business Journal, Twitter is taking a serious dive into the sports industry by hiring former Professional Bowlers Association CEO Geoff Reiss as head of sports partnerships. Prior to the PBA Reiss had a long career ay ESPN where he helped create ESPN SportsZone which later morphed into and also oversaw the Original Programming department.

That should do it for this week. If you have suggestions of blogs we should stalk – I mean read often and include in our weekly link roundup – please add them to the comments below!

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