Sports Industry Top Ten of the Week – July 26th

bill belichick aaron hernandez

Give Bill Belichick credit for being honest and contrite when discussing Aaron Hernandez this week (Photo Courtesy: John Wilcox Boston Herald)

The biggest news of the week has to be Bill Belichick’s first public comments regarding the heinous Aaron Hernandez arrest for murder.

The debate was in full force leading up to the presser, would he, as he normally does, give the media the big middle finger by trotting out his standard ‘I’m only going to talk about players on this team’ line, or would he open up as he has only done a few times in the past.

For all the people surprised that he wasn’t a robot, I’d say you haven’t paid enough attention.

When former Patriot Marquise Hill drown in 2007 while trying to save his girlfriend, Belichicks presser as very emotional. When his father Steve passed away, very emotional. When Tedy Bruschi retired – emotional.

Like Ivan Drago – he is not a machine.

He may be the most hard-nosed and tight-lipped coach in the NFL, but to expect him to bypass the personal affect of the Hernandez situation, seemed short-sighted to me. Kudos to Belichick for taking this one on the chin, I think you gained some respect around the nation.

On with the Top Ten of the week…in no particular order (although #8 is probably my favorite):

The Quaz QA with Trey Wingo – Former Sports Illustrated writer and New York Times best selling author Jeff Pearlman happens to be one of the best interviewers in the sports media business and this interview with ESPN’s Trey Wingo is no exception.

NASCAR Shifts TV Rights from ESPN to NBC Sports – After missing out on seemingly every sports media deal they tried to get their hands on, NBC finally got a big fish. Check out the impact of the NASCAR deal in this article from AdAge.

Fox Sports 1 to Debut FOX Soccer Daily Speaking of sports networks…Fox Sports 1 will be taking their futbol seriously, debuting a daily soccer show on the 19th right after ESPN launches their soccer daily ‘ESPNFC’ on the 11th. I think this battle of sports superpowers is going to be fun to watch.

The Hottest Social Seat in the Las Vegas Summer League: Sportstechie explains the NBA’s social media activation for the Las Vegas Summer league titled #Seat140 (even if they kind of bury the lead). It was a pretty interesting concept that was clearly popular, even if I didn’t hear about it until now.

Is the NFL CBA as bad for Some Players as Some Agent Suggest?: I always enjoy reading the SportsAgent blog from Darren Heitner because it takes a look at sports from an angle I don’t usually take. This is no exception, Heitner takes a look at recent reports indicating the players may have lost last summers battle with the shield.

Gay in the NFL:  I worked with Peter King back in the late 90’s (OK, he was a big time analyst and I was a lowly Associate Producer) and I’ve always really enjoyed his work, even if it does take me a week to read it. With the launch of his new’ Grantland-esque’ site MMQB I had to dig into some of their content this week and this article was really worth the time.

How to Join the Fastest Growing Segment of the Sports Industry – In 2004 there was just one job posted in this emerging field, but in 2013 WorkinSports is on pace to postover 1900. This isn’t a passing fad and it isn’t as easy as you may think, but the career ceiling is very high. We break down all the skills necessary to land a job in this exciting part of the industry.

Five Tips you Need to Follow if You Want to be a Play by Play Announcer: Breaking into play-by-play announcing seems to be the most daunting of all career choices. It’s easy to become focused on the big sports and the big names and think, ‘I can’t beat that’. Well, that’s true, right now you can’t (just being honest). But if you follow these tips the future could be bright.

Rutgers and a Pretty Big Deal – I guess the Mike Rice scandal din’t hurt too bad – Rutgers has signed an 11-year $65 million multimedia distribution deal with IMG College in advance of their move to the Big Ten in 2014. Howard Bloom of Sports Business News breaks it down.

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  1. Love the Drago reference!

    Can you find a similarly relevant way to make an Andre The Giant reference…?

    I’ll be watching and waiting!

    • Ha! Thanks Hank – I always wonder when I make an 80s reference if half the people reading are wondering ‘what the heck is he talking about?’ I’ll see if i can sneak in an Andre The Giant Princess Bride “I don’t swim, I only dog paddle’ reference one of these weeks -Brian