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Who can ever forget the classic Fred McGriff commercial with Tom Emanski? Some creative folks remade it into a kickball spoof.

Every week there are big stories that everyone in sports journalism is covering, but you won’t see them highlighted here.

I’m sorry, but I watch an ESPN report on Biogenesis and then read it in Yahoo! Sports and I feel like I’m good.

I don’t need to read about it in every single sports blog in America and frankly I get annoyed when good intentioned blogs create unoriginal content that’s as rehashed as Rich Kotite….or P.J. Carlesimo…or well, you get the point.

Here we focus on the original.

Like Darren Heitner’s Sports Agent Blog which is hitting leadoff on our Top Ten Sports Industry articles (in no particular order) this week:

Is Matt Elam Going to Become A Trendsetter for Future NFL Rookies:  Sports Agent Blogs Darren Heitner writes about Ravens first round draft pick Matt Elam, who negotiated his contract without the assistance of a NFLPA certified Contract Advisor. If this becomes a new trend how will it affect the business side of the sports industry?

Sony ups the 4k Ante with Four Camera production at XGames LA:  You would think someone that worked in sports broadcasting for well over a decade would know something about cameras…but I don’t. I always was on the journalism side, so I have to read articles like this to keep up with the trends. This 4k stuff is pretty cool….maybe I should have paid attention a little more during this technical classes in college.

Fox Sports 1 Schedule for First Week of Launch: Steve Lepore of Puck the Media digests the upcoming schedule for Fox Sports 1 debut week which is set for August 17th. The first week sets the audience expectations, lets hope FS1 nails it, or else they won’t be able to compete with ESPN now or in the future. Having two to three national sports networks competing is good for the sports industry and the fans.

Skipping Through Sports Media’s Murky Waters George Solomon, director of the Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism at the University of Maryland explains the upbeat nature being presented at many media conferences this summer about the future of sports journalism.

Video Break!

Tom Emanski Kickball spoof – for anyone who came of age in the 90s the Fred McGriff – Tom Emanski baseball skills video set was burned into your retinas is was played so often during baseball games. Oh and it happeded to be unintentionally hilarious. Some creative-types decided to make a kickball parody and they mimicked the originally really well. H/T to the ACCNetwork’s Jeff Fischel for this lead.

MLS All-Star Rap – So bad I can’t even explain it. I literally started to get those uncomfortable tears, you aren’t sad, you aren’t hurt, but for some reason  you start to tear up a little – I guess out of embarrassment? Don’t pretend you haven’t done that.

Back to our regularly scheduled links…

AT&T gives fans a chance to Honor Mariano Rivera in a new digital campaign: Sports Techie is another blog that has a unique angle, focused on you guessed it, the technical and social media side of the sports industry. I learn something when I read, and learning is cool. Former Celtic David Thirdkill actually came to my elementary school and said exactly that back in 1985. What, were you expecting Larry Bird?

NBCSN Adding Two New Shows in August:  While Fox Sports 1 and ESPN prepare to do battle, poor little NBC Network is screaming ‘hey look at us we landed NASCAR and we’re launching two new shows…you big stinky heads.’ In all seriousness, the competition for media rights and programming is good for sports broadcasting and wonderful for fans. We may actually get a viewpoint that isn’t from ESPN.

New Sponsorship Recap: Russell Scibetti, owner of the Business of Sports Blog writes up a recap of recent sports sponsorship deals with Gillette and Starwood Hotels. Scibetti’s business of sports blog is another unique blog with original content written by an experienced voice in sports marketing and CRM.

Alright I just learned too… CRM = Customer Relationship Management.

The Tampa Bay Rays Make Another Run: I wish the guys and gals over at Sports Economist would write more often because their stuff always blows me away. Then again, it also takes me about 4-5 reads to understand, so maybe their current posting pace is ok.

They take the time to break down the unique scenario of the Tampa Bay Rays, winning on the field but losing at the box office. Very interesting, and I think I understood it.


Wait a sec…almost forgot to promote my own stuff. Two good reads this week, first up – who do you think will be the top 5 NFL QB’s in 2018? Brady, Brees and Manning shoudn’t be at the top anymore, so who will take the reigns? We give our opinion and would love yours in the comments. Finally, I break down some of the skills necessary to make it in the growing field of sports social media.

Now you can enjoy!

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