Sports Jobs Q&A: What Type of Sports Internships Should I Pursue?


Our weekly Sports Jobs Q&A column has gone VIDEO! We thought it would be fun to mix things up a little, a least for this week. If you have a question you’d like us to conquer please add it to the comments below.

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Video Transcript: “Sports Jobs Q&A: What Type of Sports Internships Should I Pursue?”

Brian Clapp, Director of Content: Every week we write a sports jobs Q&A column where you the audience email in your questions or add them to the blog comments and we just respond – we try to get as deep as we can to give you the answer you need. t’s one of our most enjoyable columns because it feels like our closest connection to you our audience.

This week I decided to mix things up a bit and do it video style. Our question comes from John in Chicago who is about to enroll in college – he has read all of our articles on sports internships he understands the importance of his sports internships but he’s not quite sure what his overall strategy and approach should be when it comes to selecting them.

John let me make this simple for you and everyone else out there listening – I suggest you do a minimum of three internships while at school. Some of it will depend on the college credits you can get and the requirements of your school, but that should be the goal.

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I have no idea what you’d learn, but interning for the King would be pretty cool

But here’s how I think it should layout:

You should do at least one sports internship at a small business within your sports industry niche. So if you are working in sports broadcasting maybe it’s a local TV station or smaller network, maybe a digital outlet. The reason is a smaller business will force you to do more things, they are going to give you more assignments and you are going to learn versatility.

I also suggest you do a sports internship at a bigger business, because then you get to see how the big machine operates. Your tasks may not be as challenging or give you this great experience, but you need to absorb the large scale operation at a big business, because that’s how you are going to learn how things should run.

The final thing – no matter what your niche is you need to do at least one business related internship, especially something that involves sales– because most jobs in sports or in any other realm are going to require some sales experience.

It’s a great sports career starting point, and if you have something on your resume that screams sales experience, now you can get your foot in the door even if it’s not exactly in your sports niche. Lets say you wanted to work in operations for a team, but the first job you could get was in the sales department, fine take it – you are qualified because of your internship experience!

Get your foot in the door with a company and work you way up, rather than be too specific and narrow and never get your foot in the door. Getting one internship with sales focus is really realyl worth it.

John that is your format for how you want you sports internships to look.

If you have any question out there you want us to do a deep dive into – just add it to the comments below or send us an email!

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  1. I’m 57 years old with no experience the sport’s industry (A BA in History). So what are my chances of landing a job in the sport’s industry..

    • 46.2% – just kidding. Without knowing you or your skills, where you are or where you want to be, or even what you want to do in the sports industry… it’s an impossible question for anyone to answer without lying to you.

      At 57 years old, I imagine you have a great deal of experience, leverage what you know and have experienced into metrics that will show employers you can impact their business. Remember, everyone wants to think of sports like it’s a game and being a super fan matters…it’s not and it doesn’t. Sports are a business…and if you’ve accomplished things in other forms of business, that still translates to the sports world.

  2. Do you have any paid interns in the Philadelphia, PA Area?

  3. I’m almost 2 years out of college. I have had one full time job and left it within my first year. Is it frowned upon to look for sports internships as well as another full time job in my stage of my career?