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Episode 001 – Deep Dive into Sports Sales with Milwaukee Bucks Senior Director of Group Sales, Carl Manteau

The Work in Sports Podcast

  • Learn about the various roles in sports sales, including group sales, inside sales and premium sales
  • Understand why jobs in sports sales have a very high ceiling, both in money and title
  • Listen to find out what makes a good sports sales person – some people flame out, others thrive.
  • Get an explanation of the training that new sports sales employees get, the expectations of the role and the day-to- day assignments sales people have to hit.
  • Carl Manteau details why he got into sports sales and what it’s done for his career


Episode 002 – Choosing the Right School for Sports Careers with Sports Producer J.D. Pruess

The Work in Sports Podcast

  •  JD and Brian have opposite college experiences – JD went to a top sports journalism school at the University of Missouri, Brian attended University of Delaware (not a sports journalism powerhouse). But their careers ended up very similar – so how much does college choice matter?
  • Learn about the advantages of a big program with wonderful facilities and top notch professors, but balance that out with how you can thrive even if you don’t make it into one of the top schools.
  • Which would you rather – have a top degree but massive debt, or go to a good program, do lots of internships and thrive without the debt? We discuss.

Episode 003 – How Millennials Plan to Take Over the Sports Industry – An Inside Look with Taylor Carmichael, Intern

The Work in Sports Podcast

  • Millennials often get a bad rap, but the fact is they represent 40% of the population and will soon be taking over the workplace – we need to learn how to maximize, not dismiss them.
  • Brian acknowledges he’s a 42 year old dude – so he brings in intern Taylor Carmichael, a senior at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, to handle the Millennial perspective
  • Learn why it is wrong and unfair to characterize Millennials as all having the same attitudes and beliefs
  • Understand the benefit of Millennials and the different skill set they bring to the sports workplace


Episode 004 – Why You Need to Focus on Networking for Your Sports Career – Zach Hall Arizona Diamondbacks and Author “Don’t Sleep on Planes” focus on networking for your sports career

  • Arizona Diamondbacks mascot Zach Hall shares his candid advice on how important is is to network your way up the career ladder.
  • Zach has written a book, ‘Don’t Sleep on Planes’ that gives practical and actionable advice on how anyone can get better at networking
  • As a mascot, Zach digs deep into his role in game entertainment, the challenges he faces daily and the parts of the job he just can’t get enough of.
  • We also answer fan questions and get to the heart of how an introvert can improve their networking skills


BONUS EPISODE – Fox Sports Radio’s Clay Travis Shows What Stupidity Looks Like Live on CNNWork in Sports Podcast

  • Clay Travis went on CNN to discuss a very serious and valuable topic, Jemele Hill’s controversial take on the President being a white supremacist, and made a complete fool of himself
  • Brian goes off on Travis’ desire to be cute, rather than informed. The Fox Sports Radio host’s response was sexist, childish and represented sports people as ignorant, neanderthal lug nuts.
  • We also handle a fan question on what sources you can trust in the sports media.


Episode 005 – Philadelphia Eagles Talent Acquisition Manager  Colleen Scoles Explains What Pro Sports Teams Look for in Their EmployeesPhiladelphia Eagles Talent Acquisition Manager Colleen Scoles

  • Want to know what pro sports teams look for in employees? Who better to ask than the Talent Acquisition Manager for the Philadelphia Eagles!
  • Colleen Scoles shares her process for finding the best possible candidates, despite sometimes getting 1,000 applicants for a job opening!
  • We explore the importance of cultural fit, how being able to communicate and build interpersonal and interdepartmental relationships is paramount to success and share some horror stories on mistakes people make on their resumes.
  • Our fan question this week is on how to network on social media — a fun topic to explore!
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Subscribe to the Work in Sports Podcast! You Won't Regret It!
The Work in Sports Podcast features experts in the sports industry explaining their jobs in sports, how they hire, what they need from employees and more.
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