The Importance of Developing a Sports Career Plan

This article is a guest post from Paul Fruitman, Director of Ticket Sales for the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos Hiring new staff tends to be a fairly cyclical event in ticket sales and this year is no different. Right around November our organization begins gearing up for the 2014 football season – which for me entails […]

Want to be an NBA General Manager? Here are 10 Potential Career Paths

While in college and working at the campus television station my future started to become clear. I had finally figured out my path, I was destined to work in front of the camera at a sports network. Not exactly a bombshell discovery, many have had the same vision, but for me it was groundbreaking since […]

How Ten MLB General Managers Began Their Sports Careers

It’s the most common of questions, but the most difficult to answer: “I want to be a MLB General Manager – what should I do?!” Having received this question countless times and always failing to have an adequate answer, I set out to dig deeper into the background of the current allotment of baseball General Managers. […]