Sports Industry Top Ten of the Week for Sept 19th

When common sense and marketing intuition intersect, you get creative concepts that form a deeper connection with a fan base without concern for the bottom line. Otherwise known as, Dollar Beard Night at Fenway Park. Last September, the Red Sox were finishing out the string with a lame duck manager, a disjointed team and a […]

Sports Industry Top Ten of the Week for Aug 23rd

At the tail end of my 7-year stint at CNN sports, right around 2003, CNN decided sports were no longer in line with what their core audience wanted. I can’t tell you why the higher ups chose this road, they didn’t involve me in the discussions, but I’d say it’s a safe assumption that someone […]

Sports Industry Top Ten of the Week

Every week there are big stories that everyone in sports journalism is covering, but you won’t see them highlighted here. I’m sorry, but I watch an ESPN report on Biogenesis and then read it in Yahoo! Sports and I feel like I’m good. I don’t need to read about it in every single sports blog […]