How to Stand Out in a Sea of Bland Job Seekers

This is the start of a very awkward conversation, but you probably guessed that from the headline. I’ve begun this article 100’s of times and yet I always chicken out publishing it because, well, it’s brutally honest and most people don’t appreciate that. I originally titled it “How to Be Smart in a Sea of […]

How to Handle a Job Interview Panel Without Throwing Up on Yourself

There is a certain excitement when a phone call comes beckoning you to appear face-to-face for a job interview. Hope. Validation. Opportunity. Fear. These are all valid emotional responses to the task ahead. You immediately recognize the potential, embrace the warm feeling of acceptance and yet, there is this fear factor that is ever-present in […]

Job Interviewing Tips: Dealing with Nerves and Anxiety

I’ve written a great deal on preparing for sports job interviews, but I’ve never discussed how to handle the anxiety or nerves leading up to an interview. This short video will provide three tips that anyone can use to help calm their nerves before their next sports job interview! introverts dilemna Video Transcript for “Job […]

Seven Reasons You Are Still Unemployed (And How to Change Your Future)

Hooray! All the news seems positive for people entering the workforce! For the first time since 1997 employers added more than 200,000 jobs per month, for the last six months. Jobless claims* are at or around historical lows, decreasing by 14,000 to 298,000 for the week ending August 16th. (*Jobless claims defined as people filing […]