Seven Tips to Prepare for the January Sports Job Push

Right after ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ has concluded, we head directly into my favorite season of the year – job search season. Many job seekers take the months of November and December off, enjoying their eggnog induced malaise and basking in the spirit of holiday shopping. For others, the New Year provides […]

Four Ways to get the Most out of Your Sports Internship

The sweat starts at your brow, but as soon as you recognize its existence you feel it grow. A small spot in your lower back, an area you aren’t used to feeling much of anything, now trickles with a slow stream of liquid nervousness. The warm tingle of excitement is rapidly turning to a heart-beating, […]

Video: Tips to Help you Prepare for a Sports Job Interview

Finding a sports job can be a monotonous process – find a job, apply for a job, wait to hear something…rinse…repeat. Even if it may not seem it, someone is going to want to interview you at some point and when they do you can’t afford to be unprepared or full of anxiety. Follow these […]

Seven Reasons You Are Still Unemployed (And How to Change Your Future)

Hooray! All the news seems positive for people entering the workforce! For the first time since 1997 employers added more than 200,000 jobs per month, for the last six months. Jobless claims* are at or around historical lows, decreasing by 14,000 to 298,000 for the week ending August 16th. (*Jobless claims defined as people filing […]

6 Myths About Sports Careers and Why You Need to Ignore Them

Myths are a potent elixir, they often help a negative thought gain roots in your brain and convince you of pending failure. They generally represent the start of an excuse, the reason we provide for why we can’t accomplish something, or why the deck is stacked against us. They prey on the weak-minded, giving an […]

Sports Jobs Q&A: Transitioning From Student-Athlete to Employee

I’m excited about this weeks Sports Jobs Q&A because a former student-athlete is looking for guidance and I believe her scenario is one that many, many people face every year. That’s the joy of this column, trying to answer the questions that can help the largest number of people. As a reminder, if you have […]