The Gold Standard for Play by Play Announcers

We all have our personal opinions of what makes a great play-by-play announcer. Some people believe if they don’t intrude on the game that means they are doing a good job (similar to offensive lineman). Others have a higher standard, expecting the voice from the booth to grow the game beyond the combatants on the […]

Five Tips you Need to Follow if you Want a Play-by-Play Job

Breaking into play-by-play announcing seems to be the most daunting of all career choices. It’s easy to become focused on the big sports and the big names and think, ‘I can’t beat that’. Well, that’s true, right now you can’t (just being honest). Guys like Vin Scully, Kevin Harlan, Jim Nantz and Mike Tirico have […]

The Career Path For Play-by-Play Announcers

Being a sports fan usually means you aren’t afraid to form strong opinions. You love the coach, you hate the first baseman, you think the left guard has potential and that guy three rows down from you is the most annoying human ever. That’s the life of a fan, being decisive about everything going on […]

Play-by-Play Announcer John Strong Explains Preparing for Game Day

This is part three of our interview series with play-by-play announcer John Strong from the MLS on NBC. Part one discussed the early stages of preparing for a sports broadcasting career, part two actual on the job advice and part three preparing for game day. Leave your thoughts and comments below – enjoy! Preparing for […]

A Day in the Life of a Play by Play Announcer

Tuesday in the Big Apple leads to Thursday in Detroit. Friday it’s the city of brotherly love and then on to Charlotte for a Sunday matinee. Being a play-by-play announcer requires more than a great set of lungs and an encyclopedic memory, it also requires a really good set of luggage. For veteran broadcaster Doug […]