A Path to Professional Sports Jobs

There is never a straight line to success in the sports industry, there are steps forward, sideways and even, at times, backwards. But through it all, when you have an established goal that you can cling to, a desire that isn’t easily pushed around, you can find your way through thick and thin. Traci Campbell […]

What It’s Really Like Working as a Sports Camera Operator

For as much as we debate the importance of developing tangible skills in order to gain entry into the sports industry, there are other just as valuable traits, namely, versatility and a willingness to do whatever is needed. Opportunities don’t always follow the path you envision, sometimes they come out of nowhere and you have […]

Sports Jobs in Focus: Tips for Being a Sports Reporter

Our sports jobs in focus column takes a deep dive into a specific role in the sports industry, this week we share some tips on being a top notch sports reporter. Enjoy! Sports Jobs in Focus: Sports Reporter Video Transcript for “Sports Jobs in Focus: Tips for Being a Sports Reporter” Brian Clapp, WorkinSports.com Director […]

The Changing World for Women in Sports (and how to get ahead of the crowd)

The image of men working with a Scotch and cigarette on the corner of their desk while the big game plays on a TV in the background isn’t reserved for the writers of Mad Men. This has been the long-standing perception of the sports industry, an all-boys club where men are men and if you […]

Getting Help With Your Sports Sales Career

Last year I had the pleasure of interviewing former NBA executive and current Founding Director of the Sports and Entertainment Management MBA program at the University of South Florida, Dr. Bill Sutton. We don’t have enough space on this blog to highlight all of Dr. Sutton’s career accomplishments but one that stands out is his […]

What Does it Really Mean to Work in Sports Marketing?

I often think starting an article with a quote is an amateur method to begin your prose. It’s as if you are admitting you don’t have a strong point of view or launching point, so you may as well hand the reigns over to someone else. But I’m going to break my own rule in […]

Turning a Passion For Baseball Into a Career

For some people discovering their intended career path is akin to climbing a mountain trail beset with pitfalls, avalanches and thinning oxygen levels. It can be a journey full of frustration and confusion. And yet for others, clarity and direction comes early. “For as long as I can remember, the only thing I wanted to […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career as a Sports Turf Manager

The article is a guest contribution from Shana Brenner Marketing Director of CoverSports, an American manufacturer of turf protectors, rain covers and windscreens with roots tracing back to 1874. You don’t need to possess an incredible vertical leap or master diagramming touchdown-scoring pass plays to have a career in the sports industry. If you have an […]

How to Stand out for a Sports Marketing Career

Careers in sports marketing are some of the most sought after opportunities on WorkinSports.com, so how can you make yourself stand out from the competition? One way is to understand what employers really want, our Director of Content Brian Clapp has some insider knowledge that can really assist you! WIS Sports Marketing.MTS Video Transcript for […]

Will I Need to Relocate to Have a Sports Career?

Perception doesn’t always line up with reality, and in the case of sports careers, the belief that to make it big you have to head to New York or Los Angeles is outdated thinking. Our Director of Content Brian Clapp explains the reality of sports careers for today’s era in this short video: WIS do […]