2013 Sports Career Fairs: Spurs Sports and Entertainment Career Fair

If you’ve always dreamed of working in the sports industry you need to take advantage of opportunities like the Spurs Sports and Entertainment career fair, scheduled for August 27th at the at&t center in San Antonio. It’s not every day you get the opportunity to network with senior staff of the 4-time NBA champion Spurs, […]

Sports Industry Top Ten of the Week

Every week there are big stories that everyone in sports journalism is covering, but you won’t see them highlighted here. I’m sorry, but I watch an ESPN report on Biogenesis and then read it in Yahoo! Sports and I feel like I’m good. I don’t need to read about it in every single sports blog […]

Sports Industry Top Ten of the Week – July 26th

The biggest news of the week has to be Bill Belichick’s first public comments regarding the heinous Aaron Hernandez arrest for murder. The debate was in full force leading up to the presser, would he, as he normally does, give the media the big middle finger by trotting out his standard ‘I’m only going to […]

Sports Industry Top 10 of the Week – July 19th

As a former sports producer at a national sports network and news director at a regional sports network, I am qualified to say MLB All-star  week is the worst sports week of the year. I’m used to hitting refresh on ESPN.com about ten times a day, always finding something new to engage with whether it’s […]