The Hard Reality of Working in Sports Radio

The reality of working in sports radio is that it doesn’t begin with catered lunches, fancy cars and billboards sprawling across major highways with your dimpled chin on it. Sports radio jobs start in small, humble markets far from your creature comforts. “If play-by-play or sports radio jobs are something you want to pursue out […]

A Week in the Life of a Sideline Reporter for the NFL on Fox

For the NFL on Fox’s Laura Okmin, one of the true joys of being a journalist comes from the relationships with players and coaches that develop over years, not weeks. “A player I’ve covered for years gave me a great compliment recently saying he appreciates that of the ten times I reach out to him, […]

Want to be a Sports Journalist? Better Learn This Skill

It’s the dream of many to become a sports journalist, tasked with writing compelling sports stories for newspapers, magazines and digital media outlets. But the role has changed, there are new skills and responsibilities you need to be aware of if you want a job as a sports journalist. We explain in this short video: […]

BSU at the Games: Taking Sports Journalism to the Next Level

22 student journalists and staff from Ball State University have traveled to Sochi to cover the Winter Olympics, they are sharing their exclusive stories on the Work in Sports Blog, and giving us a taste of what it is like to cover one of the largest sports events in the world. Written by Adam J. […]

Vicki Michaelis: Shaping the Future of Sports Journalism

The media plays a key role in shaping perception, and while women are a rapidly growing fan base in sports, we still see a limited amount of women in power positions in the industry. “At this point, women still face higher hurdles,” says veteran sports journalist Vicki Michaelis. “On television, they are predominantly relegated to […]

Sports Industry Top Ten of the Week for August 16th

A few weeks back Peter King of Sports Illustrated fame, launched a new NFL branded site called the MMQB, with great fanfare. Press releases, media tours, radio shows, banner ads on the web… you couldn’t miss it, we all knew it was coming. That’s not to say it doesn’t deserve the media blitz, King gathered […]